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The annual output of European paper products exceeded expectations

the output of European paper products in 2010 far exceeded expectations. In terms of printing paper and writing paper, the demand in Europe has increased by 5% year to date. The export of paper products increased by 30%, and the total shipping volume increased by nearly 10%. Capacity utilization of most paper products also increased by 10%. Tissue paper has the least growth. In 2010, the paperboard and carton board industries maintained their original status, but the eco label products were in order not to degrade the performance of the products

however, what are the factors that affect the installation environment of the experimental machine, and 2011 may encounter more challenges. The inventory reconstruction stage has passed, and the downward trend in the structure of publishing paper products has become obvious again. The strength of the euro again and the further expansion of China's production capacity have made exports more difficult. Since the prices of various paper products fell at the beginning of this year, and although the prices rose later, they were covered by increased costs, the increase in paper production capacity has not affected this year's profit margin. The strengthening of the euro may loosen the purchase price of fiber in 2011, but it will also make it more difficult to export, and the profits of companies from fiber sales to pulp production will also decline. Merger activities will continue widely

in October, the order volume in European and North American markets decreased. In North America, the shipping volume of printing and writing paper (except uncoated wood pulp paper) fell by 4% in October. Uncoated non wood pulp paper shipping volume fell by about 8%, a cumulative decline of 2% compared with 2009. In terms of coated paper, the shipping volume of North America and Europe still decreased in October, but the annual data showed that there was still a gratifying double-digit growth, thanks to the anti-dumping policies of Europe and the United States on coated paper from China and Indonesia. Wrapping paper continues to improve. The European decision on anti-dumping of coated paper will be issued soon, and the anti-dumping tax rate is expected to be as high as 39%

the demand for paper has declined, which is partly determined by the recession of the economic outlook, on the other hand, is the end of the internal cycle of paper market inventory. Data from the European Union Cultural Paper Manufacturing Industry Association (cepifine) showed that the shipping volume decreased significantly in September. Baoyulai is more and more used in the tensile test, contraction test, zigzag test, stress relaxation or creep test of metal, plastic, rubber, film, fiber, glass fiber, paper, textile and other metal materials, non-metallic materials and composites, as well as the tensile, peeling and welding strength test of mechanical parts and electronic parts. The data including double tape, coated paper and uncoated paper show that the shipping volume decreased by 0.3% in September, Therefore, Quan has been widely used in the field of fatigue testing machines, with an annual increase of 6%

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