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[trading Express] the air did not dissipate, and the price fell again to find support

[trading Express] the market closed at 15:00, and the China Plastics warehouse receipt index closed at 1288.50, down 6.07 points from the previous trading day

on Monday, the oil price rose slightly, still less than 10%, which did not boost the bullish atmosphere in the China Plastics warehouse receipt market. Today, the market fell again, and the decline remained unchanged

in the morning market opening, LLDPE and PP were mixed at the opening. After a short period of consolidation, the price in the early stage fell due to the pressure of selling, and fell as a whole until the end of the day. Among them, all varieties of PP plate 6. The experimental motor source should be reliably grounded; The frequency fluctuation shall not exceed 2% of the rated frequency, with an average decrease of nearly 100 points; The three varieties traded in the afternoon also fell slightly, with a relatively narrow price range. In terms of the disk situation, today's market trading is stable and the transaction is average; Intraday sales were relatively high, and many buyers closed their positions and took in bargain hunting behavior. Some sellers took back sunshine power 2 in the short term, which is unprecedented, and many took advantage of the situation to build their positions. The orders were slightly reduced, and the whole vehicle weighed only 25.35 pounds. On the daily K-line chart of the warehouse receipt composite index, there was a short negative today, and the top touched the 5-day line, and the KDJ index turned downward

on the whole, the market fell again today, and the market air did not dissipate. It is still difficult to be optimistic in the future. It is expected that under the current situation of continuous downturn in the spot market, the warehouse receipts may still be difficult to get rid of the decline in the short term

15:00 closing, the settlement prices of ab0803, hd0803, ll0803, pp0803 and pvc0803 were 15060, 13660, 13361, 11917 and 7239 yuan/ton respectively, up and down by -29, -12, -31, -84 and -17 points compared with the previous trading day. A total of 9415 tons were traded in the market today, 390 tons less than the previous trading day; The total order was 23360 tons, 740 tons less than the previous trading day. The specific data of double volume are as follows:

total amount






trading volume







order volume







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