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Stora Enso smart packaging solutions appear in 2019 e-commerce packaging exhibition

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as a professional trade exhibition focusing on e-commerce and its supply chain packaging needs, the third e-commerce packaging supply chain Exhibition (ecpaklog) was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on August, to introduce brands, e-commerce platforms Professional audiences such as packaging and logistics service providers display a variety of innovative technologies to help them optimize their products and services in the post e-commerce era

with the development of e-commerce, in addition to the faster and faster delivery speed, there is also express waste that is difficult to ignore. How to prevent and control express waste pollution has also become a topic of concern for the whole society. The promotion of green packaging, the coordination of green logistics and smart logistics, and the reduction of recycling costs have become urgent needs for the transformation of e-commerce industry to green and smart

this time, Stora Enso brought eco sustainable RFID tag technology, smart cabinet application, high-quality food grade packaging paperboard and e-commerce packaging innovation cases to the exhibition. The sustainable smart packaging solutions in the IOT era are eye-catching

Stora Enso's sustainable eco technology

Stora Enso eco is a unique RFID tag without traditional inlay. It uses an environmentally sustainable wood fiber substrate. After the "plastic restriction order" is launched, it can help brands easily cope with higher and higher environmental protection requirements

of course, eco has more advantages than that. In the processing process, the antenna paper substrate can be directly used as the surface material without adding additional surface paper; Compared with other printing label technologies, the performance is better and the consistency is better; The whole production process is also green, without additional emissions and harmful substances, which can help partners reduce their carbon footprint and realize the sustainable development of the cable of RFID products

after the early promotion, eco tag technology has been applied to many fields. Taking clothing tags as an example, brands urgently need an environmental friendly and recyclable safety tag. Stora Enso eco tag, as a technical model, successfully meets the needs of brands for this trend. In addition, there are special solutions for retail and logistics

Stora Enso's unmanned retail smart cabinet technology

after successfully launching sustainable eco RFID tags, Stora Enso took advantage of the trend to enter the automatic retail market and launched an automated unmanned retail solution - Smart cabinet technology, which can realize identity authentication and automatic payment, and is often used in the sales of food and beverages in transportation hubs, offices, schools, hotels and other places. Zhang Xiaoxiang, head of smart packaging business in Stora Enso China, said: "as an important strategic market with global layout, we are not satisfied that if the screw needs to be preserved to bring the latest European R & D technology to China, we also hope to develop more intelligent and sustainable products and services according to the needs of consumers through cooperation with domestic enterprises."

the use of green packaging in the era of IOT is not only the embodiment of technological progress and industrial chain upgrading, but also the benefit of the living environment of all mankind. Stora Enso is committed to providing solutions based on renewable materials to replace products made of fossil based and other non renewable materials. Xinxiang Chemical fiber is a chemical enterprise that produces and operates viscose fiber products

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