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Stora Enso successfully converted a 450000 ton native Kraft card production line

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core tip: Stora Enso recently held the opening ceremony of Finland's olu factory to celebrate its successful transformation from a paper mill to a high-quality kraft card factory. Finnish Prime Minister sannamarin

Stora Enso recently held the opening ceremony of Finland's olu factory to celebrate its successful transformation from a paper mill to a high-quality Kraft linerboard factory. Finnish Prime Minister sannamarin was also invited to attend the event. Oulu factory is another successful transformation project of Stora Enso after the conversion of valcos factory to carton board in 2016

from the decision of transformation investment made in May 2019 to the commercial delivery in the first quarter of 2021, this transformation project with an investment of 350million euros was successfully implemented at every stage as planned. At present, the factory has completed the capacity ramp ahead of schedule. It is expected that the new machine will achieve a design annual capacity of 450000 tons by the end of June 2021

annicabresky, President and CEO of Stora Enso, said: "Stora Enso has never stopped the pace of transformation and innovation, and has always been committed to embracing the future, which makes us proud. At today's opening ceremony, we jointly celebrate the successful realization of the transformation project. At present, the packaging business has accounted for more than 40% of the group's total sales. Aolu factory new Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is an independently developed Kraft linerboard production capacity, which will further strengthen Stora Enso's global strength, for me We open up considerable room for growth. "

aulu factory mainly produces avantfortetm, which has three layers of fiber. It is the highest stiffness Kraft linerboard in Stora Enso's product series. Julong technology's long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene composite and modified nylon material for accelerator pedal are suitable for a variety of product applications, including fresh, greasy and liquid food packaging, as well as high-end e-commerce packaging

the new products of Oulu factory have excellent strength and purity, beautiful appearance, and can perfectly meet the stringent requirements of advanced packaging users. The global demand for carton board is expected to grow at a rate of 2% per year, so the market prospect of new products is very promising

hannuk, executive vice president of Stora Enso packaging materials, said that the force measuring pointer rotates at a constant speed "It is of great significance to provide more high-quality production capacity for the rapidly developing paperboard Market. The COVID-19 has obviously changed consumer habits to a great extent, and more people have begun to choose to buy and eat healthily, and renewable packaging materials can play an important role in these fields. The high-quality Kraft linerboard avantfortm produced by the Oulu factory can preliminarily identify the failure of the clamping drive oil source system according to the characteristics of the failure, which provides customers with high-end products More choices. "

this transformation investment project includes the transformation of No. 7 paper machine into a world-class production line of primary fiber kraft linerboard, as well as the transformation of unbleached pulp production line and dryer. In addition, Stora Enso also invested 40million euros to improve the environmental performance of the plant

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