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Stora Enso and Tetra Pak jointly explore the establishment of a beverage box recycling line

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according to the official news of Stora Enso group, the company will work with Tetra Pak to explore the possibility of establishing a new recycling line, so as to significantly improve the recycling rate of waste beverage boxes in central and Eastern Europe

the two giants explore the establishment of a beverage box recycling line

at present, the two sides have launched a feasibility study to evaluate the feasibility of establishing a large-scale recycling line for waste beverage boxes in Stora Enso's ostro Ka factory in Poland. The feasibility study is expected to be completed within six months, after which both parties will make decisions on the project and schedule

in this model, Stora Enso ostro Ka plant separates fibers from waste beverage boxes, and then uses the recycled fibers as raw materials; Tetra Pak is responsible for the recycling of polymer Godiva and aluminum, which is handled by its dedicated partners

if the plan is successfully implemented, the new recycling line can recycle 50000 tons of waste beverage boxes every year. This will greatly improve the recycling capacity of beverage boxes in the whole European region, and the recycling rate is expected to reach a higher level from the current 51%. In the first stage, beverage boxes will be mainly recycled from central and Eastern European countries

improve the recovery rate of waste beverage boxes

for this cooperation, Markku luoto, vice president of Stora Enso's liquid packaging paperboard and coating business, said: "The new recycling line will be a great progress in recycling packaging materials and help our brand customers achieve a circular economy. Nowadays, beverage boxes have been widely recycled in Europe. We hope to use Stora Enso's expertise in fiber and paperboard to promote and speed up the recycling and collection of beverage boxes. Ostro Ka factory has a high probability of appearing on old machines and has begun to use recycled materials, and we intend to continue to improve At this stage, a recycling system that works well and makes full use of high-quality waste additive flame retardants is an effective way to improve the flame retardancy of epoxy resins. Discard the fiber of beverage boxes. "

Guillaume latourrette, general manager of Tetra Pak Eastern Europe, said: "In promoting the collection and recycling of waste beverage boxes, our first priority is to cooperate with partners in the value chain. We believe that this cooperation will help us improve the recycling facilities in Europe and further improve the recycling rate of waste beverage boxes in the region. Through such cooperation, we will lead the transformation of sustainable development and achieve a low-carbon circular economy."

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