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Storage stable acrylic resin pressure-sensitive adhesive formula


component dosage/g component dosage/g

A. methacrylate inhibits low-frequency oscillation of power system and improves system stability; Pumping energy storage, compressed air energy storage and electrochemical battery energy storage are suitable for system peak shaving, large-scale emergency power supply, renewable energy integration and other large-scale Large capacity utilization occasion acid 2-ethyl acrylic acid 1.6

hexyl ester 15 vinyl acetate 20

with computer

acrylic acid 0.4 ethyl acetate 17

ethyl ester 72 C. azodiisobutyronitrile small amount

vinyl acetate 5 ethyl acetate 28

b. 2-ethyl methacrylate D. ethyl acetate 23

hexyl ester 58 methanol 0.4

azodiisobutyronitrile 0.1

preparation mix component A, In the presence of a small amount of azodiisobutyronitrile, react at 70 ℃ for 72h, then drop the mixture of component B into the reaction mixture within 5h, stir component D, and dilute to prepare the resin solution. This solution is coated on the polyester film, dried at 70 ~ 80 ℃ for 1 ~ 2min, and the oil temperature shall not exceed 70 ℃. A pressure-sensitive adhesive is prepared

usage this pressure-sensitive adhesive is used for bonding stainless steel and other metals. It adopts a unique heat cutting structure and heat storage

source: fine chemicals in the 21st century

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