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Stora Enso resumed production of the paper machine in summa factory

Stora Enso resumed production a few days ago after completing the first phase of reconstruction of the No. 3 paper machine in summa factory in Finland. The production capacity and speed of this paper machine with an annual capacity of 205000 tons have been slightly improved after reconstruction. By March next year, the annual production capacity of the paper machine will reach 220000 tons, and the speed will be increased from 1350 m/min to 1400 M/min. After the reconstruction, the quality of products will also be improved

the first stage reconstruction of the paper machine was carried out during the annual maintenance period of the factory in late June. The second stage of reconstruction parameter setting will be implemented in December this year

the reconstruction of this paper machine, with a total investment of US $17million, is part of the reconstruction project known as "summa2002". In this project, Stora Enso will also increase the annual production capacity of the factory's thermomechanical pulp from 235000 tons to 260000 tons

the sound is mainly composed of the host (including frame, base and transmission system), fixture, deformation measurement system, software system and electrical system

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