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Changzhou "tenawang" has been put into operation in the high tech Zone recently. Japan "tenawang", a world packaging giant with dozens of branches in the world, has made another strong attack. On May 21, tenawang (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 1392 when P increased to 7kn was put into operation in Changzhou high tech Zone. Until it was successfully online, in 1998, tenawang Pearl Club of Japan established a joint venture with Changzhou Changfeng packaging company. In 2002, "tenawang" further acquired the Chinese equity of Changfeng company, and then renamed and established tenawang packaging (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned company, as a member of tenawang group

the large-scale 1.6m wide seven layer line, 2.2m wide five layer line, 2.5m wide seven layer extra heavy line and various bridge concrete components fatigue testing machines introduced by tenawang packaging (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. from Japan, Italy, Taiwan and other countries and regions are equipped with 7 large and medium-sized printing and die-cutting machines and 40 sets of paper packaging equipment. There are five kinds of corrugated paperboard: A, B, C, e and F. The products are widely used in food packaging, folk packaging, industrial packaging, agricultural packaging, medical packaging and other fields. The leading product of the enterprise, extra heavy corrugated board, has filled the gap in the export of paper products in China. Suzuki Xionger, chairman of the board of directors of the company, said that tenawang packaging (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. will achieve sales of US $100million to US $200million in 3-5 years and become an important packaging production base in China

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