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Charging infrastructure evolution · industry chapter

charging infrastructure evolution

industry chapter

recently, Shanghai international new energy vehicles and charging facilities Industry Expo opened. It is noted that according to the data released during the Expo, by the end of July, about 662000 charging piles had been built nationwide, including about 275000 public charging piles and about 387000 private charging piles. The industry predicts that in the next two years, the construction speed of charging piles will continue to accelerate to meet the needs of the promotion of new energy vehicles in private, bus, taxi, urban distribution, postal express and other fields

nationwide, 662000 charging piles may be a small number. However, according to the statistics of the National Energy Administration in previous years, as of the same period two years ago, the number of public charging piles built in China was only 106000, that is, the number of charging piles increased more than six times between the two years

it can be seen that China's charging pile industry is entering an unprecedented peak of industrial development. However, we can still hear the voice that the development environment of charging facilities industry needs to be improved. Then, what are the opportunities and challenges? In this issue, the picture of China's charging infrastructure construction is displayed from the aspects of industry status, enterprise layout, user experience, development status of various charging formats, and the risk of environmental pollution must be reduced to the lowest level

policy "escorts" the great development of charging infrastructure


walking on the streets of Beijing, you will easily find the electric vehicle charging pile. Now it is no longer like a few years ago. You can't find the pile or rank in the top position.


recently, a car owner with years of electric vehicle driving habits told me

as mentioned by the above owners, with the vigorous promotion of new energy vehicles and the rapid development in recent years, China's charging facilities industry has grown from scratch and has taken shape from bits and pieces. At present, the whole industrial chain has basically taken shape

from a global perspective, China has always maintained the first position in the number of charging facilities constructed and operated in recent years, and has also become the country with the fastest development of charging infrastructure. According to data, the total number of public charging piles in China is about four times that of the United States, which ranks second. The gradual improvement of charging facilities has provided important support for China's new energy vehicles to lead the world's new energy vehicle trend

the above achievements come from the active promotion at the national level. Since 2015, the State Council and relevant national ministries and commissions have successively issued policies and measures to promote the development of charging facilities. After rough sorting, it is found that the policy system covers construction land, power access and electricity price, facility construction and operation, interconnection and other aspects, so you must remember that these policies effectively guide the construction of charging facilities and industrial development

according to the guidelines for the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure (year) jointly issued by four national ministries and commissions, by 2020, China will have more than 1.5 million piles of charging and replacement power stations Therefore, 20000 decarbonization and 4.8 million decentralized charging piles will be generated during the heating process, so as to meet the charging demand of 5million electric vehicles

in order to achieve this goal, the guidance on energy work in 2018 issued by the national energy administration at the beginning of this year clearly pointed out: "in 2018, we will actively promote the construction of charging piles, unify the standards of electric vehicle charging facilities, optimize the construction layout of electric vehicle charging facilities, and build an intelligent and efficient charging infrastructure system that is moderately advanced, accompanied by piles."

"constraints" still exist, and the industry is in the cultivation period

however, the construction of charging piles seems easy but difficult. Huang Xin, director of the electrical system Office of the experimental Institute of China Automotive Technology Research Center, said recently that although China's charging facilities have developed rapidly, there is still a big gap from the 2020 target. He believes that, unlike new energy vehicles, the current construction of charging infrastructure is far from meeting the requirements of policy planning

not long ago, an electric vehicle owner complained to:


the range of electric vehicles has generally increased a lot, which shows that the capacity of on-board batteries has increased, and our demand for high-power charging piles has followed. However, some old residential areas simply do not have the capacity to increase capacity.


in fact, during the two sessions this year, xuheyi, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of BAIC group, said, At present, the biggest obstacle to the development of new energy vehicles lies in the construction of infrastructure charging facilities. The promotion of new energy vehicles is plagued by difficulties in site, capacity expansion, coordination and management. Therefore, he submitted a proposal entitled "accelerating the construction of infrastructure charging facilities and helping green travel" at the two sessions

in order to promote the construction of charging infrastructure, a group of automobile enterprises represented by BAIC, SAIC and BYD are constantly improving their understanding of charging technology and charging services, and actively participate in the construction and operation of charging facilities to help improve the charging service capacity

chenbaojiang, director of charge and replacement business department of BAIC New Energy Marketing Co., Ltd., told that the purpose of BAIC new energy to establish a charging joint venture was not to expand and strengthen this field alone, but mainly to pry the entire social market, let more social capital participate in the operation of the charging market, and let the charging industry develop. Otherwise, the promotion of new energy vehicles would be hindered

in recent years, charging equipment manufacturers have also explored the technology layer to better solve the charging problem. A few days ago, the general manager of the product marketing center of a charging pile manufacturer told that in order to quickly supplement power to electric vehicles, greatly improve the use efficiency of charging piles and reduce operating costs, the R & D and production parties are also actively exploring. Some charging terminals have small pile covers an area, which is very easy to install. At the same time, they also have charging power intelligent distribution technology

the profit is still far away, and the market operation needs to be "broken"

from the current market environment, as xuheyi said, the public charging operation industry is more faced with the problems of difficult site and management. Industry statistics show that the utilization rate of charging facilities of domestic operators is generally lower than 15%, and the operation of charging facilities is generally in a state of loss, which seriously restricts the enthusiasm of industrial capital investment, and the popularity of private capital construction of charging facilities has decreased significantly

it can be seen that China's charging facility industry is facing the dual pressure of difficult charging demand and low facility utilization, and the sustainable development of the industry is facing difficulties

recently, some small and micro charging operation enterprises have ushered in a wave of delisting, bankruptcy and acquisition, including "pioneers" who had laid out the charging operation industry many years ago. In this regard, chenbaojiang believes that the development of the new energy industry is bound to undergo a process of transformation. The slowdown in the investment of charging operation enterprises is bound to affect the development of the new energy industry, which requires special attention and effective policy guidance from the government

a good trend is that some domestic charging facility operators have realized the importance of expanding profit channels, shifted their business focus to the operation level, and increased their profit points by optimizing their operations and using car rental, car sales, advertising, etc

a service provider in the field of charging facilities told that in order to transform into an integrated service provider, it has begun to adjust its strategy, vigorously involved in the field of electric logistics vehicle operation, opened up online and offline resources through the logistics transportation platform, and managed the information of vehicle piles, drivers and goods sources. It is precisely because the ecological model has changed significantly that operators have seized the opportunity in time, and the industrial profitability has been improved to a certain extent

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