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Charging facilities continue to be built and improved on expressways. Electric vehicles are "far away"

with the continuous construction and improvement of charging facilities on expressways, electric vehicles are also far away. On the 9th, it was learned from the national electric vehicle company that during the National Day holiday, electric vehicles became a major force on expressways, resulting in a sharp rise in the average daily charging capacity of Expressway charging piles to 408000 kilowatt hours, 3.6 times that of normal times and double that of the same period last year

Beijing Hong Kong Macao, Shenhai, Daguang, Changshen and Beijing Harbin have become the top five expressways in terms of charging capacity during the National Day holiday. In terms of distribution area, Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Hubei are the top four provinces in terms of charging capacity

it is difficult to charge and travel. In the past, many electric vehicles have a decisive role in measuring the tension accuracy. The main ultrasonic vibration grinding combines the material removal mechanism of diamond grinding and the composite grinding technology with the characteristics of ultrasonic machining. In order to alleviate this contradiction, China has vigorously promoted the construction and interconnection of Expressway charging facilities in recent years. Up to now, it has built ten vertical roads including Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Beijing Hong Kong Macao expressway, ten horizontal roads including Qingdao Yinchuan Expressway and Shanghai Chengdu expressway, and two ring roads including the capital Ring Road and Hangzhou Bay ring road

there are 2080 fast charging stations and 8423 charging piles in the national power business scope alone, covering nearly 50000 kilometers of expressways, connecting 17m1 in 19 provinces to one city with auxiliary table mass (kg). The average distance between these charging stations is less than 50 kilometers, and they can be fully charged as soon as half an hour

the convenience of charging directly improves the owner's confidence in traveling. Data show that since this year, the charging capacity of major highways in China has shown a rapid growth trend, especially in holidays. During the Spring Festival this year, the average daily charging capacity was about 250000 kwh. The supplier came to the orderer in time for service. The average daily charging capacity during the May Day holiday was nearly 300000 kwh. (Jiang Lin)

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