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The character recognition system ensures the assembly quality of the exhaust system

the exhaust system of the vehicle not only purifies the exhaust gas, but also reduces the noise, which has a great impact on the comprehensive evaluation of a vehicle. Therefore, it is particularly important to achieve efficient and high-quality assembly work. The assembly line must have a set of superior performance monitoring system to ensure the quality of products

the problem of assembly direction

as an important component of automobile exhaust emission and purification, the assembly direction of ceramic carrier catalyst directly affects the purification function of exhaust. If the assembly direction is inconsistent with the air flow direction, the purification function will fail, resulting in unqualified automobile exhaust emission. The same is true for the matching muffler assembly. Since most mufflers are symmetrical at both ends, the manufacturer will engrave an arrow in the direction of air flow on the muffler. Through this arrow, we can know the positive and negative directions of other directions. If the welding direction is wrong, the silencing effect of the muffler will be affected

the above two assembly errors will bring great inconvenience to users, so a set of monitoring system with superior performance must be provided on the automobile exhaust system assembly line to ensure the product quality. At present, most exhaust system companies have two detection methods: manual visual inspection; Stick bar code for detection and scan through bar code sensor. For the above two detection methods, the first one is easy to misjudge due to artificial reasons; The second is to install the barcode before detection, which increases the labor intensity of workers, and the availability of the barcode will decline with the increase of service time until the cup shape is reduced

ocr character recognition system

to solve this problem, the OCR character recognition system developed by the swing angle company of Suzhou weishixun Machine Vision Technology Co., Ltd. The system can be used for various workpiece recognition, character recognition, character printing or recognition of printing quality. It not only solves the risk in the assembly process, but also saves the bar code pasting process

1. System composition

the system is composed of lighting source, CCD camera, lens, computer, image acquisition, DIP processing software, control unit, monitoring unit and alarm elimination unit, as shown in Figure 1

2. Main functions

the system directly recognizes the characters at both ends of the ceramic carrier through the CCD camera to distinguish the positive and negative of the assembly direction of the ceramic carrier. This is a quite mature character recognition technology in the current visual inspection system, which can accurately intercept and recognize the detected characters. In addition, in addition to the error proofing function, the system also has another important function - traceability function, because the system can match the recognized characters on the ceramic carrier with the production date and product number on the shell, and store the recognized characters in various forms such as excel through data management software (see Figure 2), which is essential for product problem traceability in the future. Because when the ceramic carrier is encapsulated, the characters on it are invisible. 1. The detection device for changing the spring performance of automobile seats is very important, so the traceability function is particularly important. We can trace back to the batch number of ceramic carriers used in a certain type of product produced on a certain day in a certain year. In addition, if workers use the wrong batch, the system will also provide alarm information to remind workers to pay attention. The system is equipped with alarm function (including sound alarm and visual alarm). When assembly error is detected, not only will there be alarm information, but also the machine can not act at all. The machine will not continue to act until the workers adjust the assembly of the product until it is completely qualified


the development of OCR character recognition system not only realizes the perfect combination of visual system and automatic detection, alarm and elimination system, but also has good user interface and easy operation and maintenance, which saves the production cost for users to a great extent. (end)

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