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The general mobilization of charity construction machinery transmits "positive energy"

the general mobilization of charity construction machinery transmits "positive energy"

information on China's construction machinery

Guide: in economics, there is a proper term: South American trap, which refers to the deep changes in social structure and the rapid intensification of social contradictions in the process of rapid urbanization in some countries after entering the middle-income development stage, This is especially true in Latin America. 2012

in economics, there is a proper term: "South American Trap", which refers to that some countries have entered the middle-income development stage. Due to the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries, in the process of theoretical guidance and practice of the rapid development of urbanization, the social structure has undergone profound changes, social contradictions have intensified rapidly, and finally restricted economic development and social progress, especially in Latin America. In 2012, China's per capita GDP reached US $6100. China has entered the ranks of middle-income countries, and more social contradictions have begun to emerge. There is no doubt that philanthropy is an important means to ease social contradictions. In recent years, the rise of more and more folk philanthropic forces is also continuously transmitting "positive energy" to the society. While promoting the rise of "made in China", many Chinese construction machinery enterprises are also giving love to the society and fulfilling the society. China Construction machinery trade will take stock of the good deeds of construction machinery enterprises for you


the largest donation received in 2012 for poverty alleviation in Xuzhou came from XCMG

on the morning of November 30, 2012, the "one day donation" activity for poverty alleviation in Xuzhou received the largest donation of 1.67 million yuan from enterprises, which came from 20000 employees of XCMG group. So far, this year's "one day donation" activity has received donations of more than 2.8 million yuan from all walks of life. The Charity Supermarket of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, located in the northern suburbs of Xuzhou, is the place where Xuzhou receives donations from units. Early on the morning of the 30th, there was a love motorcade full of Xu workers, loaded with 15301 donated clothes. All clothes are neatly packed and pasted with the heart-shaped logo of XCMG group "helping the poor and giving love". Along with the love clothes, 1676779 yuan was donated. It is reported that the employees of all subordinate enterprises and overseas branches of XCMG 1.2 electrical measurement method: attach the pressure sensor to the force measuring element, and all the staff participated in the "one day donation" activity to show their love

zhangshouhang, chairman of the trade union of XCMG group, said that XCMG's rapid development in Xuzhou is inseparable from the support and care of all walks of life in the city. The "one day donation" activity in Xuzhou also provides an opportunity for the company to thank the society and repay the society

Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. won the "Jiangsu Charity Award" at the end of 2011. This is another honor XCMG won after being awarded the "national earthquake relief hero group", "China Charity Award", "China Charity Enterprise Award for outstanding contributions" and "Jiangsu charity star", which is the reputation of slow temperature drop. Sponsored by the people's Government of Jiangsu Province, the "Jiangsu Charity Award" aims to carry forward the spirit of charity and enhance the charity awareness of the whole society. It has five awards: "the most caring charity donation enterprise or unit", "the most caring charity donation model", "the most caring charity behavior model", "the most influential charity project" and "excellent charity worker", with a total of 100 awards. In order to commend XCMG for its outstanding contributions to social charities for a long time, XCMG is hereby awarded the title of "the most caring charity donor"


"warm winter action" warms poor families

in order to let people in remote and poor areas spend the cold winter, from December 2012 to January this year, the Youth League Committee of Sany group carried out the "warm winter action" in Changsha Industrial Park, calling on everyone to donate clothes and send a piece of sunshine to the places that need warmth most. According to Yuliang, deputy secretary of the Sany Youth League Committee, since the "warm winter action" was launched, the majority of Sany employees have expressed their love and collected some warm clothes from their homes or dormitories and sent them to the donation site. As of January this year, the 31 warm winter campaign has raised 206 cotton padded clothes, 149 sweaters, 162 pants and 7 quilts. At the same time, there are many summer clothes and other bedding

Sany Heavy lifting: "charity education and public welfare action"

in February, 2013, Sany Heavy Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. launched a spring joint exhibition called "value win-win future". Different from previous joint exhibitions, the highlight of this joint exhibition is "charity education and public welfare action". Sany Heavy Lift joined hands with Hunan TV mango V fund to sell a crane of more than 50 tons at the national joint exhibition in the spring of 2013. Sany Heavy Lift donated an amount ranging from 5000 yuan to 100000 yuan to mango V fund as a love fund in the name of the buyer

the Sany Heavy Lift's "building hope together, loving China" love education campaign aims to provide "happy desks" and "love libraries" to tens of thousands of children who are eager for knowledge. Sany Heavy Lift also said that it hopes to raise 2million yuan in 2013 for the construction of hope primary schools in poor mountain areas. At the same time, Sany Heavy Lift also promised that the funds raised in this event will be used exclusively for the operation and management of mango V fund, Transparent disclosure of project information and fund use to the society and donors



"love changes destiny" public welfare charity student aid activity on the morning of August 8, 2012, the 2012 "love changes destiny" public welfare charity student aid activity jointly planned by Hunan Charity Federation, Zoomlion, Hunan Economic television and Xiaoxiang Morning Post was officially launched in Zoomlion Science Park. In july2003, Hunan Economic television, Hunan Provincial Charity Federation and Zoomlion initiated the "love changes destiny" public welfare charity student aid activity. Then every summer, Zoomlion led countless caring employees to help needy students. Over the past ten years, it has donated 12million yuan, supported more than 1200 poor university freshmen to enter the University, and granted 924 "Zoomlion self-improvement Scholarships" to the outstanding aided students in the University, achieving the general goal of "Zoomlion will provide tens of millions of students and subsidize 1000 students" promised by Chairman Zhan Chunxin at the 2007 love launching ceremony

on the morning of March 29, the launching ceremony of the 2013 "love all over Zoomlion" fund-raising activity was kicked off in Zoomlion Science Park. All business units of the company held fund-raising activities at the same time, and all employees made donations enthusiastically and offered their love. At the launching ceremony, a total of more than 7.5 million yuan was raised. This "love full Zoomlion" fund-raising activity will continue in all business units and departments directly under it. At that time, the donations will be deposited into a separate special bank account of the internal rescue fund, which will be stored in a special account by the financial department for special purposes, and the internal rescue fund committee will implement the rescue work in accordance with relevant regulations. The relief objects mainly include: employees and families suffering from natural and man-made disasters, especially poor employees and families, retired (including early retirement) especially poor employees and families

caterpillar foundation supports public welfare organizations to carry out rural poverty projects

on June 13, 2013, caterpillar foundation supported international opportunities (China) to carry out projects for ten consecutive years to provide financial services and business operation training for the rural poor and the disabled

international opportunities provide various channels in developing countries for more than 5 million people to extricate themselves from poverty by means of savings, small and micro enterprise loans, insurance, training and counseling. In more than 20 countries, its customers use these financial services to start or develop businesses, supply their families' needs, create jobs with their neighbors and build a future security

since entering China in 2003, international opportunities (China) has created and maintained nearly 127000 jobs and provided a total of 35million US dollars in loans. In 2012 alone, international opportunities (China) issued nearly $9million in loans, which created 35000 jobs in rural China. In addition, nearly 3000 people have received training for more than 10500 hours. In 2012, the caterpillar foundation also cooperated with international opportunities (China) to carry out the "guidelines for poverty alleviation measures", which aims to create and maintain 150000 jobs in the next three years


Longgong: lixinyan Charitable Foundation's grant for caring for poor mothers

on the morning of January 15, the grant ceremony for lixinyan Charitable Foundation's grant for caring for poor mothers was held in the municipal administrative center. The first batch of 53 poor mothers from 7 counties (cities, districts) of the city received subsidies ranging from 1000 to 1500 yuan, with a total amount of 68200 yuan

according to the understanding of China Construction machinery trade, lixinyan charitable foundation was founded by Mr. lixinyan, chairman of the board of directors of China Longgong Holdings Co., Ltd., member of the Standing Committee of Fujian Provincial CPPCC, deputy to the National People's Congress and national model worker. Mr. lixinyan is one of the successful people living in Hong Kong in Longyan city. He is a deputy to the National People's Congress, the chairman of the board of directors of China Longgong Holdings Co., Ltd., the founder and major donor of lixinyan charity foundation, the honorary president of Longyan Overseas Exchange Association and the first batch of honorary citizens of Longyan city. Over the years, Mr. lixinyan has been very concerned about and supportive of the overseas Chinese Affairs in Longyan City, is very enthusiastic about donating to social public welfare undertakings, and actively supports the overseas Chinese Affairs Office in Longyan City in helping poor overseas Chinese. Since 2009, lixinyan charitable foundation has specially set up the "poverty alleviation and overseas Chinese assistance" project, and each year a piece of funds is allocated to support the production and life of widows, widows, orphans, the elderly, the sick and disabled returned overseas Chinese and the returned overseas Chinese and their relatives who have suffered natural and man-made disasters. At the distribution ceremony on the same day, 61 returned overseas Chinese and their relatives in extreme poverty became the beneficiaries of the "poverty alleviation and overseas Chinese assistance" project of lixinyan charitable foundation in 2010. The amount of assistance each person received ranged from 1500 to 2000 yuan, and a total of 100000 yuan was distributed

on the morning of January 30, 2013, the donation ceremony of Doosan construction machinery hope project was held in the office of China Youth Development Foundation. Tu Meng, Secretary General of China Youth Development Foundation, dujiangong, vice president of Doosan (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and Pu Renfu, Vice Minister of Doosan (China) Investment Co., Ltd. attended the donation ceremony

at the ceremony, dujiangong, vice president of Doosan (China) Investment Co., Ltd., on behalf of the company, conveyed a donation cheque of 400000 yuan to the youth foundation. Tu Meng, Secretary General of the youth foundation, awarded the "donation certificate" to Doosan and paid tribute to Doosan's philanthropy

Doosan actively promotes the business philosophy of "pursuing reasonable profits and actively returning to the society", always keeps in mind the purpose of "taking from the society and giving back to the society", and takes China's public welfare undertakings as the society it should undertake. Since 2001, Doosan has participated in the hope project. For 12 consecutive years, he has donated 10.25 million yuan to poor areas in China. He has donated 34 hope primary schools in more than 20 provinces and cities, including Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan and Chongqing. The development of these schools has been restricted for a long time due to the shortage of school funds, narrow school premises, and poor office and teaching facilities and equipment. Doosan's donation helped improve the school running conditions of the village school, greatly solved the problem of poor students with excellent character and learning, and was highly praised by all walks of life. In 2012, the market environment of the whole construction machinery industry was generally depressed, but Doosan still did not forget the public welfare undertakings and continued to donate 400000 yuan to the youth foundation for the construction of hope primary school.

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