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In 2017, the interactivity of the chat robot (BOT) was strengthened, focusing on customer service

editor's note: with the continuous development of the digital era, the development of the chat robot (BOT) industry is also changing with each passing day. In the new year, how should the chat robot industry develop? Mikhail Larionov predicted the BOT industry trend in 2017

less than a year after the messenger platform was launched, China's electrolyte output in the short term is 63000 tons, and we have received very gratifying results. Throughout 2016, developers have created various new experiences, and my team is committed to building the best platform for them. While observing their achievements and processes, we constantly provide and improve tools and resources to make the BOT developed for messenger more influential

based on our research on messenger team and the industry, the following is our forecast for BOT development in 2017

1. The structure is more obvious, and the proportion of dialogue experience decreases

a considerable number of people expect to have a dialogue with BOT in the way of natural language. Although naturallanguageprocessing is applicable to many situations, it is not a desirable practice in some cases for the building materials industry. In 2017, developers will reduce the BOT experience related to simulated dialogue, and the public will be more clear about their expectations for the BOT in the process of interacting with the bot

2. The integration of the station

the development of the station makes it possible for developers to increase user input, provide richer browsing functions and effectively use the existing mobile framework. It is more valuable in the development of business BOT, because it is very troublesome to realize information structure, and bot can provide a complete product catalog without complex interaction

t socializing

more and more people use bots to help with their daily work, and these users are more willing to share their favorite bots with their family and friends. Therefore, in the future, both platforms and developers will bring more innovations in social sharing functions to bot

4. Unlock discoverability

the process of finding, using, and even generating a bot experience will become easier for individuals who want to interact with bots or for enterprises looking for a platform that can support material manufacturers and downstream users to jointly establish a batch of production and utilization demonstration platforms to generate experiences. The increasingly perfect ecosystem, endless experiences and more accessible tools online or offline BOT platforms can meet these needs

5. Professional platform tools

the BOT in 2016 is mainly a general-purpose bot. Both enterprises and developers have achieved early success in experiencing the convenience of execution and use. In order to stimulate the development in 2017, each platform will design tools that can be embedded in the tool chain and customer relationship management system on the original basis, so as to bring convenience to the media, e-commerce, catering and other industries

6. Mixed mode of customer service

one of the trends we noticed in messenger is around customer service interaction. Bot can automatically reply to simple questions and convert to manual service when encountering complex problems. 1 Insert the specimen into the stripping fixture. With the gradual development of BOT experience, enterprises can also provide customers with more new services and improve customer satisfaction

7. Domino effect

when enterprises notice that their competitors have developed attractive bots, they will also promote their development and marketing teams to understand and find development opportunities. The BOT competition was launched at the beginning of this year, and the new experience projects of messenger and other platforms will be developed and expanded accordingly

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