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Featured towns become new highlights of the capital's global tourism release date: Source: Urumqi evening news on December 26, Anningqu cultural tourism town in the high tech Zone (new urban area) was officially opened, and many citizens praised it as a good place for weekend leisure

Anningqu cultural tourism town and Xianlai Town, Shuixigou Town, Urumqi county are some of the featured coal heated and natural gas heated plastic granulator towns that have been unveiled in Urumqi this year. These featured towns have rich connotations, distinctive features, no admission tickets, and are favored by tourists for their full open operation, which has become a new highlight of tourism in the capital

cultural tourism town enriches visitors' experience

the buildings of Anning canal cultural tourism town are paved with green gray bricks and stones, presenting a simple and elegant style

in the cultural tourism town, there are a large number of intangible cultural heritage, arts and crafts, art education, famous and special catering and other business forms. Here, tourists can see Xinjiang intangible cultural heritage projects in many fields, such as catering, handicrafts, clothing, jewelry, art and so on

at present, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Association of Ili Prefecture and the arts and Crafts Association of the autonomous region have settled in the town, with 14 national, autonomous region level and municipal intangible cultural heritage inheritors in various aspects such as machinery, hydraulics, electricity and computer software. Nine intangible cultural studios have also settled in the Town, including intangible cultural heritage projects such as horn bow, paper cutting, egg carving, blue and white porcelain, embroidery and clay figurines. They will start classes here to teach apprentices, Integrate the profound intangible cultural heritage with modern fashion creativity

zhangchunlan, the project operator and chairman of Xinjiang Huili hi tech Operation Management Co., Ltd., introduced that the town provides a certain scale of space for displaying intangible cultural products, arts and crafts works and other cultural and creative products with Xinjiang characteristics. Consumers can visit and experience the production process of cultural and creative products from creativity to formation in the studio

Wang Hong, Secretary of the leading Party group of the culture, sports and Tourism Bureau of the high tech Zone (new urban area), said that nowadays, tourists prefer to buy products that they personally experience or participate in the production, and pay more attention to the experiential nature of tourism. The cultural tourism town will add intangible cultural heritage display and tourist experience areas to enrich the experience of tourists and extend the tourism industry chain

through the full media live broadcast of this newspaper, the citizens learned that Anningqu cultural tourism town has gathered a large number of intangible cultural products, arts and crafts works and other cultural and creative products with Xinjiang characteristics, and have a strong interest in (3) automatic shutdown of preset experiment times

"go to cultural tourism town this weekend." After watching the live broadcast, a citizen couldn't help sending a circle of friends

go to the punch in red restaurant in Xianlai town

"come to Xianlai town again and start shopping and eating." Tourism expert "if you think CS" is described in the circle of friends

since its opening in September, Xianlai town has not only become a new choice for citizens in the capital to relax, vacation and taste delicious food, but also has become a red punch in place for live introduction by tourism experts

the Kuanzhai alley cultural and tourism pedestrian street in Xianlai town takes Chengdu Kuanzhai alley as the architectural blueprint of the block. The block is divided into three parts: Zhai alley food block, Kuan alley brand catering main store block and Xianlai 18 courtyard boutique Inn Club. Combined with the landscape node spaces such as the Silk Road tower, the South Square folk art dance platform, the North Square sunshine ocean landscape tower, it forms a leisure culture centered street that integrates catering, leisure, high-end accommodation The test results of the coaxiality of folk geometry are related to the chuck spacing. It is a cultural, tourism and leisure block integrating experience and entertainment tide culture

"I like Hami mutton stewed cake best. I have been eating it for two weekends." Citizen Wang Xing said that in the past, most people used to go skiing in Nanshan Mountain in winter. Now they often come to the town to eat and stroll after skiing. They feel that it is more fulfilling to travel on weekends

it is understood that the commercial format of Zhaixiang alley is based on the food culture of the three places, creating three characteristic food blocks in Xinjiang, northwest and Bashu District, introducing Xinjiang folk snack brands, northwest characteristic snack brands and Chengdu Jinli snack street brands, and eating many local characteristic foods in one street

according to the staff of the scenic spot, there are resident dancers in the nearest block who perform the authentic dance "black walking horse" in the block every day. The little sister of the same type of tumbler will also be invited to Datang sleepless city to interact with tourists in the block on the eve of the new year

the emergence of Characteristic Towns in the capital this year is a vivid practice of domestic advanced experience in global tourism

as a pioneer of global tourism, a number of characteristic towns with distinctive industrial characteristics, such as Yuhang dream town, Jiande aviation Town, Chun'an Qiandao Lake leshui Town, have become classic cases of global tourism

at present, the flower sea in Nanshan in summer, the ski resort in winter, and the blooming B & B all interact with the leisure town. The tourism functionalization of the characteristic town, as well as the experience in the integrated development of "tourism +" with sports, cultural innovation, e-commerce, etc., are also undergoing positive changes in Urumqi's tourism market

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