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Changyu glass promotes market internationalization through technological progress recently, in an interview with Yantai Changyu glass products Co., Ltd., it was learned that Changyu glass has successfully realized the internationalization of the product market on the basis of gradually achieving the goal of "you have nothing, you have something, you have something, and you are good, and you are strong" through years of strengthening technological transformation and scientific and technological innovation. All kinds of wine bottles produced have been exported to the United States, Canada Australia, New Zealand and other important wine producing countries. In 2007, the export income of Changyu glass's wine bottles was equivalent to more than 50million yuan

yantai Changyu glass products Co., Ltd., which was restructured and established in 1999, quickly occupied half of the wine bottle market with strong financial strength and advanced technical preparation, and the product supply exceeded the demand. However, the leadership of the company has long recognized that peace of mind can only weaken the functions of the enterprise, and only by taking precautions can the enterprise be healthy. Since 2001, Changyu glass (the company has a perfect marketing system and high-quality marketing personnel: the Provincial Department of economy and information technology, the Provincial Department of construction, France and other countries have introduced internationally advanced bottle making production lines and testing lines, widely adopted advanced processes such as constant temperature electric annealing, auxiliary cold and hot end spraying, and the production process is automatically controlled by computer. In view of the increasingly personalized bottle type demand of the wine industry, the personalization of products will become more and more obvious. Changyu glass It also organized technical forces to take the lead in realizing the continuous production of small batch and large capacity bottles in the same (article source: Huaxia Wine News · China wine industry) industry

in recent years, while stabilizing the domestic market, Changyu glass has taken the initiative to compete in the international market. Because foreign grape wine bottle users have put forward high requirements for the higher plastic deformation resistance of the bottle appearance, internal quality, product packaging and transportation. Many customers finally choose to cooperate with Changyu glass after investigating a number of enterprises. In the words of general manager Xuqiang, this is called self pressurization and self-improvement. Through the implementation of the market internationalization strategy, the company's product development, market adaptability and comprehensive competitiveness have been continuously strengthened and strengthened, and the enterprise scale is also expanding. In 2007, the construction of a new 300000 ton Changyu glass project started in Qixia, and the first new production line has been put into operation

in an interview, general manager Xu Qiang said that building a large-scale enterprise is only a process, and it is the unremitting goal of Changyu glass to strengthen and refine the enterprise. In the next few years, Changyu glass will actively cooperate with the national industrial policy, further tap its potential in reducing energy consumption and pollution emissions by deepening technological progress and process upgrading, and strive to reach the advanced level of the same industry in China, so as to realize the healthy, benign and sustainable development of the enterprise

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