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Maitu shows a variety of new materials to enrich Shanghai polyurethane exhibition

maitu high tech materials group (MPM) shows a series of new niax organosilicon, catalysts and processing modifiers at the 2016 China International Polyurethane exhibition held in Shanghai. Niax materials can be used in a variety of applications, including automotive, consumer goods, construction and electronic products. Maitu will focus on promoting the development achievements of hard foam and emission reduction additives used in the application of molded foam during the technical exhibition at this meeting

maitu's polyurethane additives division is responsible for manufacturing and marketing various performance additives. It is a market leader in the entire polyurethane foam industry and is committed to providing silicone surfactants, amine and tin catalysts, and foam processing modifiers. As a pioneer in this market, metu has launched a large number of industry-leading additives, and continues to provide excellent services to customers through leading innovation, creative solutions, best in class technical services, and the industry's most comprehensive product solutions

products and applications highlighted on Pu China include:

Automotive: niax molded foam additive can reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions and atomization, reduce weight, improve output, and realize easy switching between TDI and MDI systems

niax organosilicon surfactants l-3635 and l-3636 can be used in a wide range of TDI or tdi/mdi base formulations, and usually provide siloxane emissions lower than industry standards. In addition, these surfactants have a wide production process tolerance, and show good physical properties in many foam products

niax catalyst ef-680 is an efficient, highly catalytic, non-volatile gel ammonia catalyst, suitable for molding foam applications. It can accelerate the curing speed and provide low force to crush. This unique combination of characteristics can ultimately reduce the waste of foam corners in production

furniture and mattresses: niax soft block foam additive has a variety of functions, usually improving the resilience, durability and sustainability of foam

niax organosilicon l-645fl (1) is a kind of flame composite organosilicon with medium equivalent energy. It has excellent flame retardancy, can improve the bonding strength and accelerate the composite speed. It is suitable for the application of flame composite ether type foam

niax organosilicon l-594 is an inefficient organosilicon used to produce traditional foam, with a density of about kg/m3. It has excellent foam stability, wide production process tolerance, small and regular bubbles, and good density gradient

niax flame composite additive fle-500lf is a low viscosity additive, which can improve the bonding performance of polyether flame bonded foam. It can shorten the bonding time, improve the bonding strength and phenol free performance

household appliances and building insulation: NIA can ensure that the test piece can use x hard foam additive under sufficient safety conditions to provide a wide range of product combinations for foam manufacturers to improve the quality and performance of foam. In addition, these additives can help solve a series of process defects. Foam stabilizer can help to reduce voids and produce fine bubbles, while adhesion AIDS, PIR curing additives and additives can effectively help to process open cell foam

niax organosilicon y-16300 is a surfactant used for hfc-245 co foaming with cyclopentane and HFO systems according to the medium and long term railway network plan of the State Council. It is suitable for household appliances and discontinuous plate foam. It can provide extremely small bubbles, low K coefficient, good foam surface and less cavities

niax silicone l-6866 is a low λ Value, low defect foam filled silicone surfactant, suitable for refrigerators and discontinuous plates

niax silicone l-6642 is a low defect foam filled surfactant, with improved basic polyol compatibility, suitable for continuous oxide skin and discontinuous plates

niax has the ability to promote the upgrading of key materials. Silicon l-6620 is a kind of silicon with extremely fine cell structure and low λ Value of surfactant, suitable for household appliances and liquefied natural gas (LNG) applications. It has excellent emulsifying properties and helps to reduce voids in the PIR sheet system

carpets and Electronics: niax special foaming foam additives can help improve the performance of a range of special niche applications, such as carpet liners and electronics

compared with traditional catalysts, niax catalysts lc-5635 and lc-5636 usually provide longer delay time and faster curing speed, resulting in good current sharing. It is an environmentally friendly thermally activated metal catalyst suitable for mechanical foamed foam

niax organosilicon l-1169 is a reactive organosilicon surfactant containing hydrophilic polyether side groups, which can improve resin compatibility, enhance anti adhesion performance, and have good leveling and silky feel. It is suitable for PU leather and surface coating applications

maitu will publish two technical papers on new product development during the meeting. Dragon Tong will deliver a speech entitled "development of new silicone surfactants for high performance rigid polyurethane foam applications" at the rigid session. In addition, Dr. may Ma will deliver a speech entitled "new development of emission reduction additives for molding foam applications" at the automotive session

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