The era of residential fine decoration is coming,

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Hunan interior decoration Association held a "Symposium on residential fine decoration" at Changsha Jinhuang Decoration Group

yaobaolin, President of Hunan interior decoration Association, said that decoration enterprises should keep pace with the times

Tong binyuan, chairman of Jinhuang Decoration Group, believes that the market share of fine decoration in Hunan is at least 20billion

heads of more than 100 decoration enterprises from 14 cities and prefectures in Hunan visited the fine decoration site of Jinhuang decoration

red net time, July 17 (reporter Huang Yiping intern Lou Mengyao) on July 17, Hunan interior decoration Association held a "Symposium on residential fine decoration work" in Changsha Jinhuang Decoration Group. Dongyirisheng, Dianshi home decoration, Hongyang decoration, Qiansi decoration and other well-known enterprises, as well as more than 100 heads of decoration enterprises from 14 cities and prefectures in Hunan gathered on the scene to discuss and exchange development trends and experiences of fine decoration, And how to build a new growth pole for decoration enterprises in the "era of fine decoration"

Hunan fine decoration market will reach 20billion

the "fine decoration era" of housing is accelerating

as early as August 1, 2008, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued the "notice on Further Strengthening the management of residential decoration", requiring all regions to formulate and issue relevant supporting policies to guide and encourage the new commercial housing to be decorated in place at one time or adopt the menu decoration mode, and implement it step by step, so as to gradually achieve the goal of eliminating blank houses and directly providing consumers with fully decorated finished houses

at present, 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country have successively issued policies to encourage full decoration. Real estate developers are actively accumulating strength for the delivery of fully decorated houses. Decoration enterprises are no longer satisfied with traditional home decoration, and have expanded fine decoration business

At the symposium, yaobaolin, President of Hunan interior decoration Association, said that there is no doubt about the advantages of fine decoration, which not only reduces the waste of decoration materials, but also standardizes the decoration process. "Decoration enterprises should keep pace with the times and grasp the market trend."

in Hunan, there are huge growth opportunities in the fine decoration market, and its growth rate is growing rapidly at a rate of 5% - 20% per year. "In the future, Hunan's refined decoration market share will be at least 20billion." Tongbinyuan, chairman of Jinhuang Decoration Group, believes that

"decoration Hunan army" has made joint efforts to fine decoration

in Hunan, there have long been keen decoration enterprises that have captured market opportunities, and Hunan decoration enterprises represented by Jinhuang have already made efforts to fine tooling business and achieved remarkable performance

according to Liu Zhiqiang, chairman of Hunan Jinhuang hardbound Engineering Co., Ltd., the company has cooperated with many well-known domestic real estate enterprises, and its business scope covers not only Changsha, Changde, Zhangjiajie and other cities in Hunan Province, but also Guizhou, Guangxi, Sichuan, Nanchang, Chongqing and other provinces and urban areas

at this symposium, the reporter also saw that representatives of well-known decoration enterprises in Hunan, such as Dongyirisheng, Dianshi home decoration, Hongyang decoration, Qiansi decoration, came to the scene to exchange and learn together

"hardcover is just emerging, and it will inevitably encounter various problems in the future, which requires the collective efforts of 'decorating the Hunan army' to overcome together." Tong binyuan said

Yao Baolin believes that fine decoration is the general trend of the decoration industry in the future. "Decoration enterprises in Hunan are actively following up on fine decoration, especially those represented by Jinhuang group, which have been in the forefront of the province and even the country."

"there is a world of difference between hardbound and home decoration. Home decoration focuses on marketing and hardbound on delivery." Tong binyuan said frankly that the decoration industry is labor-intensive, with low technical content, and the delivery of home decoration mostly depends on the craftsmanship of the workers, but the fine decoration stresses professionalism, standards and procedures, and the workers often have not received systematic training, which is the biggest pain point in doing management. "To do fine decoration, we should put all our thoughts and experiences together with Party A to implement the management of the tooling delivery process."

On the afternoon of July 17, guests participating in the symposium visited the hardbound construction site under construction by Jinhuang decoration and the blue sky dolphin 100 billion diatom Industrial Park

"fine decoration really requires enterprises and construction personnel to have strong strength and excellent technology. Enterprises without strength can't do it." Lizhigen, who just visited the completion site, is the general manager of Zhangjiajie Shuqing Decoration Co., Ltd. He said that he hoped to achieve resource replacement, and the decoration companies in various cities and prefectures could integrate and linkage, give play to their respective advantages and develop together, so as to make a breakthrough in the era of hardcover

Luo Jiangwei, the head of Yueyang Shian decoration, said that although no enterprise in Yueyang is doing fine decoration at present, with the entry of large real estate developers, Yueyang decoration enterprises have paid attention to the fine decoration market. "Fine decoration is the general trend, and I believe there is a huge space in the future."





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