You are not fighting alone in the battle of youth

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No struggle, no youth! Watering the seeds of wisdom with sweat is only to achieve the dream in your heart. The college entrance examination is going well, come on

college entrance examination is the most important thing in the student era

we did our best for it

at the age of 17 or 18,

unlimited expectations for the future,

strive to move forward in their dreams

another year of college entrance examination is coming,

countless students have stepped into the gate of the examination room

it is the so-called thousand sails race, and hundreds of boats compete for the current

no matter how old we are,

the unforgettable time of the college entrance examination,

will always be the most precious memory in our life

according to the latest news report on CCTV, the No. 4 typhoon "aiyunni" of this year has been generated

this will also be the first typhoon to land in China this year

during the college entrance examination, many places will be affected by rainstorms and winds

# youth battle, you are not fighting alone #

this college entrance examination, belima will work with you

to protect you throughout the whole process, Be your most solid support

give you a safe and quiet environment

help you hand in a satisfactory answer sheet smoothly

# ten year cold window, offer your youth #

the last battle, calmly deal with

wish students a smooth college entrance examination and their dreams come true





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