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The study is a place to absorb knowledge, which pays attention to a quiet and peaceful environment, so the wall material is best used with sound insulation or sound absorption function. In addition, the study decoration should also pay attention to Feng Shui, which is more conducive to the owner's physical and mental pleasure and better learning effect. What Feng Shui problems should we pay attention to when decorating the study? Now let me tell you some common Feng Shui problems in study decoration

taboo 1: there is a backrest behind the desk

it means that the seat of the desk should have a backrest behind it, so it has a sense of security and is not easy to be disturbed. There is support behind it, which also means that it is easy to be supported by noble people. In addition, if someone walks around behind the desk, he can't sit still and concentrate. Transparent glass curtain architecture is a popular trend. However, as the host of a career or the executor of major decisions, seats must not be backed by glass. This situation of being unreliable behind is the taboo of operators, which will inevitably lose wealth and career development. Do not flush the toilet door on the left and right of the desk, and the desk cannot face the wall of the suite or public toilet. Do not lean your desk against the toilet. Don't hang too many office designs to form a mess; The front window of the desk should not be directly facing the flagpole or electric pole

taboo 2: there should be as much space in front of the desk as possible

there should be as much space in front of the desk as possible, so that it is easy to accept gas and enter the Bureau. The occupants' minds are agile, broad and unobstructed, and can become big things

taboo 3: don't put the desk in the middle of the room

this gives people the feeling that the four sides are isolated, the front, back, left and right are helpless, the main study and career are lonely, and it is difficult to develop

taboo 4: the desk cannot be rushed by the door

if it is rushed by the door, reading and learning are easy to be disturbed, it is not easy to concentrate, the efficiency is reduced, and it is easy to make mistakes

taboo 5: pay attention to the direction of the study door

don't face the toilet and kitchen directly, otherwise Wenchang will be impacted by water and fire, and introduce filthy gas, resulting in poor spirit

taboo 6: wallpaper

the overall color in the study should be thick

the furniture in the study should use dark colors, such as maroon, dark brown, iron red and other colors, giving people a dignified and thick feeling

taboo 7: lighting

there are 3 pages in total. Page 123 the lighting of the study on the next page is better to interweave fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps. It is not only well lit, but also not publicized, which is suitable for study and office. Avoid by all means: use too fancy colored lights to avoid dazzling and uneasy; Avoid using floor headlights to shine directly on the back of the head

taboo 8: don't put the desk facing the kitchen and bathroom

the desk should not be placed facing the wall of the master room or bathroom, nor back against the wall of the bathroom or facing the kitchen. Because the filthy and humid air in the bathroom will inevitably affect the mood and health if it goes directly to those who concentrate on reading

taboo 9: seat back door

the door is an air port, which will also bring in turbid air when bringing in anger. Sitting behind the door will make people feel insecure; It will also make people feel frightened and cold on their backs; Often in a state of tension from behind, such a state is very unfavorable

taboo 10: don't put the desk beside the door

if the desk is placed near the door or close to the door, it will distract people, produce a feeling of uneasiness, and the efficiency is naturally not high

taboos desk desk placement is exquisite

supplies on the desk are also exquisite, the left hand green dragon position should be high and moving, and the right hand white tiger position should be low and quiet

taboo 11: corner of the study:

for the desk by the window, pay attention to the sharp corners shot into other houses within ten meters of the window. The farther the distance between the sharp corners is, the smaller the impact is, and the closer the distance is, the greater the impact is. The necessary supplies for work on the desk are also decorative displays of the study. For example, the placement of the four treasures of the study and the placement of the pen container and pen holder all have strong ornamental value and decoration

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people work hard every day to get rich. However, wealth is what human beings rely on for survival and the guarantee of material life. If you want to obtain wealth, you need to rely on your own hard work. However, Feng Shui has skills that can help us get rich. Although we can't get rich overnight, at least it can let us avoid many detours in our struggle. Next, let's work with Xiaobian to find out what the top secret skills of Feng Shui are

I. aquarium wealth method

aquarium is a wealth jewelry that represents surplus every year in Feng Shui, so placing aquarium at home can also attract money from all directions. However, in the geomantic omen of fortune, the aquarium must not be placed around the statue of God or the star of fortune and longevity, which will form “ Zhengshen enters the water ” Is a sign of money loss; The fish tank is most suitable to be placed on the left side of the gate. On the left side of the gate is the wealth channel of the living room. Placing it at this position can absorb money from all parties, which is the rise of family wealth

second, the law of recruiting money in the office environment

when working, we can't control how the unit is arranged and designed, but we can work hard from our own position. In the office, the most important thing is to place mascots. The best mascot of recruiting money in the geomancy of recruiting money is the tree of recruiting money or the tree of recruiting money. Even a small decoration can absorb a lot of money for you

if you are a boss, you must start with the decoration of the company. The decoration is festive. Some employees' mental state of work will also be infected after arriving at the company. The work efficiency will be improved, and the financial resources will naturally expand. If you are an employee, you should pay attention to that there must be no roof beam on your head, and the open environment on your head will help to improve work performance

third, the mascot method of Attracting Wealth

in geomantic omen, many geomantic ornaments have the function of Attracting Wealth, such as the goblin, kylin, dragon turtle, geomantic wheel, etc. However, the placement of these Feng Shui jewelry is very important. If the placement is not correct, it may backfire and reduce the wealth of the family. The best placement of feng shui ornaments for fortune is in the position of fortune, and the position of fortune in the home is on the central axis facing the gate. Placing feng shui ornaments in the area of this central axis can stabilize fortune and attract money from the four rooms

IV. hanging pictures to recruit money

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