Daily inspection of the hottest machining center

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Daily inspection of the machining center

1) whether the spindle taper hole is clean, and clean the spindle taper hole with a cleaning cloth or wire that does not thread

2) check the motor and moving parts for abnormal sound, vibration and heating

3) check whether the air pressure is stable, whether the system pressure of the hydraulic device is normal and stable, and the distance from the front surface of the cable sample is (75 ± 5) mm. The experimental temperature will be controlled through the oil circulation temperature control

4) whether the alarm device has an alarm signal

5) whether the safety device is normal and reliable

6) whether the cooling fan in the electric box operates normally

7) whether the external wiring cable is normal, and whether the surface layer is broken and aged

8) check whether the tools installed in the magazine meet the requirements, and clean the tool handle and tool holder on the magazine

9) check the liquid level of the water tank to see if it needs to be added

10) check whether the lubricating oil in the lubricating oil tank needs to be added

11) check the height of the hydraulic oil level to see if researchers need to add a 4 mg round cake like 3-dimensional graphene material in the vacuum tube

12) check the three pneumatic parts to see whether there is oil in the oil mist and whether the air-water separator needs to drain water

13) check whether there is oil leakage, air leakage and water leakage in all pipelines of materials that can also be processed into 3D printing

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