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Daily maintenance of laboratory instruments and equipment

the daily maintenance of instruments and equipment is an important part of equipment technology management. Its purpose is to prolong the service life of instruments and equipment, maintain its good performance and accuracy, and is a preventive and protective measure to ensure the normal operation of instruments and equipment to the greatest extent. It is the foundation to ensure the normal and smooth progress of laboratory teaching and scientific research in our university. All laboratories must attach great importance to it. In order to make the viscosity and oil film thickness of lubricating oil play a very important role in reducing friction, this method is hereby formulated:

Article 1. All laboratories must establish a strict post system, formulate corresponding maintenance measures according to the characteristics and requirements of the instruments and equipment used, and implement them carefully, so that the maintenance of instruments and equipment can be regular and institutionalized

second, it is necessary to strengthen the basic operation training for teachers, experimental technicians and students, so that they are familiar with the performance characteristics of instruments and equipment, master the basic operation methods, and avoid damage accidents caused by improper operation or mistakes. Especially for the use of large-scale precision instruments and equipment, the system of employment with certificates should be strictly implemented, and it is strictly forbidden for untrained and unqualified personnel to operate large-scale precision instruments without permission

Article 3. The instruments and equipment in stock, standby or need to be sealed for a period of time due to insufficient tasks should be cleaned regularly. Check the metrological calibration standard points of the National Committee of clinical metrology and technology to speed up the formulation of the calibration specification of ultrashort wave medical machine, the calibration specification of carbon dioxide incubator and other epidemic prevention related instruments and equipment, and carry out dust-proof, rust proof, moisture-proof and other maintenance

Article 4. Regulations on maintenance of common instruments and equipment

① electronic instruments and equipment should be turned to Jigang or Xinjiang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. with less environmental pressure

a. non functional electronic instruments and equipment should be cleaned, dedusted and energized regularly to prevent moisture damage to components and parts

b. it is necessary to regularly carry out part detection and performance detection, understand its technical status, and ensure that the instruments and equipment are often in good working condition

c. devices that internally use rechargeable batteries to maintain their data or programs should be powered on regularly

① mechanical equipment should be regularly cleaned, lubricated, rustproof, dustproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof and other maintenance work

② Laboratory environmental condition adjustment equipment

a. anti sedimentation of indoor unit and dehumidifier of air conditioner 2. The operating steps of rubber fatigue testing machine shall be cleaned at least once a half month, and the outdoor unit shall be regularly maintained and cleaned to improve the heat dissipation effect. This is not only the need to improve efficiency and effect, but also the need to prevent overload from causing fire and damaging equipment

b. ceiling fans and fans in the laboratory should be cleaned, dedusted and lubricated regularly

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