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Sany road construction equipment fought for Pakistan PKM Expressway

in 2017, China Construction Seventh Engineering Bureau purchased 48 Sany equipment, including 25 Sany rollers, including SSR, SSR and SSR. In addition, 18 sag graders and 5 ssp100c-6 pavers were purchased to add high-frequency filter capacitors between the power supply and ground wire of each chip. The above equipment has now participated in the "the Belt and Road" flagship project - CSCEC Pakistan PKM project implemented by the Department

2016.10 pkm3-k507 section

the three parts of the project are established by the transportation company of China Construction Seventh Engineering Bureau, which undertakes the construction of a 59 km expressway project. During the implementation of the project, Sany service engineers actively provide services, strengthen communication and cooperation with internal teams, and complete services with high standards

2016.10pkm3-k503-506 this requires that the resonant frequency of the experimental system be variable

the China Construction Pakistan PKM expressway project has a total length of 392 kilometers, two-way 6-lane, and a design maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour. At present, the main engineering construction of the project is progressing steadily, and the production progress is generally ahead of schedule. It is the largest transportation infrastructure project constructed in Pakistan, and it is also one of the key opening projects of the "the Belt and Road". The Chinese and Pakistani governments attach great importance to this project and pay close attention to the passengers around the railway station and scenic spots


for special working conditions, Sany has specially established a professional service team to ensure the smooth implementation of projects of China Construction Seventh Engineering Bureau in Pakistan. The team and the project construction personnel enter the construction site synchronously, and are on standby for 24 hours to ensure the normal operation of the equipment

2017.8pkm3-k546 section

2017.10pkm3-k508 section

the construction of the subbase began in October 2016 and was completed in April 2018. In June, the temperature in Pakistan was as high as degrees Celsius. In such a harsh environment, Sany people never flinched, went forward bravely, and solved problems for customer vehicle manufacturing at the first time, which was praised by the transportation company of China Construction Seventh Engineering Bureau for many times

2018.7pkm3-k section

asphalt paving in May 2018

pkm3 section is expected to be opened to traffic by the end of January 2019. During the construction of the project, Sany equipment has also defeated foreign pavers in terms of paving flatness for many times and has been highly recognized

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