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Sany rotary drilling rig helps Xiamen officially enter the new era of subway

Sany rotary drilling rig helps Xiamen officially enter the new era of subway

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in order to meet the needs of urban development, Xiamen's infrastructure is growing rapidly, and the subway construction is regarded as the breakthrough of Xiamen's "integration inside and outside the island". In November, 2013, the construction of Xiamen Metro Line 1 was officially started, and it is planned to be completed and put into trial operation in 2017. However, the pace of this coastal city entering the subway era has been blocked by the granite at the bottom of the island. Some people even say that domestic rotary drilling rigs cannot be constructed in Xiamen. However, the excellent performance of Sany SR360 Ⅲ rotary drilling rig breaks this argument and opens a door for the wide application of rotary drilling rig in Xiamen subway construction

the monthly rock penetration of traditional construction is only 10 meters

the formation under Xiamen Island is mainly granite, and the compressive strength of rock is generally above 100MPa, up to 190mpa, which requires extremely high rock penetration capacity of pile foundation construction equipment. Therefore, the previous pile foundation construction in Xiamen was still dominated by traditional methods such as percussion drilling, and the construction techniques such as rotary excavation were not widely recognized

however, in the pile foundation project of a station of Xiamen metro, the construction party requires the pile diameter to be 1.2 meters and the pile depth to be 31 to 32 meters, which means that hard granite must be embedded for 20 to 26 meters, which is more difficult than line 1

in the face of the problems in front of us, the project party initially chose traditional construction methods such as percussion drill and detonator blasting, but with little effect, only 10 meters into the rock in one month

the efficiency of Sany special drilling tools is significant

such project progress and quality are far from the requirements of the project party. Therefore, although there are still doubts about the rotary excavation construction method, the project unit had to try to use the rotary drilling rig due to the pressure of construction progress

however, many rotary drilling rigs have entered the site successively, and the construction effect is not ideal in the face of the complex geological conditions of the project, which undoubtedly aggravates the concern of the project unit. Finally, the project unit contacted Sany, and sany sent construction engineers to conduct field visits for many times, carefully studied the geological survey report, and comprehensively analyzed and determined the feasibility of rotary excavation construction in combination with the construction characteristics of Sany rotary drilling rig

subsequently, the project unit introduced a Sany SR360 Ⅲ rotary drilling rig, which was supported by SANY (now also known as motor). SR360 Ⅲ is a product launched by SANY in 2009. After several years of market inspection, it can be easily used in the construction of large hole deep piles. It has been exposed to the air for a long time, and its excellent performance has been highly recognized by users. In order to ensure the smooth construction on site, Sany Research Institute also developed 7 special rock socketed drilling tools and deployed 4 excellent operators to calculate the average value respectively

after the start of construction, SR360 Ⅲ has a stable performance, with a rock entry speed of 0.5-0.6m/h and an average pile forming time of about 60 hours. Its efficiency is significantly higher than that of other domestic brands of rotary drilling rigs with the same torque

the subsequent application space of rotary drilling rig is huge.

with the assistance of Sany rotary drilling rig, the progress of pile foundation operation in the subway station has been greatly accelerated

the head of the project unit also admired the performance of Sany auger. He said: "the construction effect of the most difficult project in the whole line has proved that Sany rotary drilling rig is fully competent for the working condition of superhard and ultra deep geology."

due to the tight construction period, other stations of Xiamen line 1 are also looking for ways to speed up the construction progress. Under the demonstration of the excellent performance of Sany SR360 Ⅲ, the cooling system must be turned on when the oil temperature exceeds 60 ℃;, Rotary drilling rigs have a broader application space in Xiamen

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