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Sany services and accessories exhibition area is marching towards the international stage

Sany services and accessories exhibition area is marching towards the international stage

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Sany group's super popular debut at BMW exhibition

on November 25, 2014 Shanghai Bauma exhibition was grandly opened in the New International Expo Center, and sany Corps once again became the protagonist of the exhibition with its super popular and super product lineup. In addition to 43 innovative products on display at the exhibition site, Sany's supporting parts capacity cannot be underestimated. 69 lean spare parts products from the group's top ten business divisions have attracted the attention of many customers at home and abroad. This is the most complete and largest number of spare parts products exhibited at previous BMW Shanghai exhibitions, which comprehensively shows the strength of Sany's whole industry chain R & D and manufacturing experiment performance to meet the requirements of ASTM standard B611 (85)

69 types of spare parts have the widest variety and the largest number

in the newly designed "spare parts exhibition hall", the lean spare parts products from the group's top ten spare parts business divisions are displayed, including ZTE (oil cylinder), Sany power (engine), Sany body (CAB), SOTE transmission (slewing ring, reducer), Lilong hydraulic (pump, valve, motor), Huawei (four wheel area), Zhongyuan (pipe fittings, clamps) Sany intelligent (SYMC controller, remote controller, sensor), pumping oil products, lifting track shoes and other consumables from key parts such as engines, to core parts such as vulnerable parts, transmission parts, sheet metal parts, electrical control instruments, and even pure oil products for service

Sany engine has been transformed into an export market, and BMW has become the first stage

"Sany is also an engine?" In the Sany exhibition area of the 2014 BMW Shanghai exhibition, many viewers were very interested in the Sany engine, which was unveiled for the first time. After carefully understanding the products, their expressions added some surprise, because they found that the technical level of the five engines in front of them had been at the forefront of the industry

"Sany has been committed to strengthening the R & D and manufacturing of core components by constantly overcoming the technical bottlenecks of key components such as diesel engines and hydraulic systems, breaking foreign monopolies and achieving independent technological innovation," Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, said in response to the author's question The engine independently developed by SANY power is a best practice. Hu Yuhong, chairman of Kunshan Sany power, was very proud of his products. "We started the project in May, 2011. After three and a half years, we have developed a variety of engines, which can cover more than 90% of the power needs of the group's main engine products." Whether excavators, mixer trucks, cranes, road machines, port machines, mining trucks, or all kinds of pumping equipment, there are engines made by SANY power that can be used. It is understood that Sany power has also developed a dual fuel engine to meet the needs of the market, which not only improves the reaction speed of the equipment, but also reduces energy consumption

Hu Yuhong said that Sany engine has unique competitiveness and follows the route of "customized development". From the preparation stage of research and development, data collection will be carried out on the host equipment. "The data collected from the operating conditions, operating time, fuel consumption and other aspects make our product development very targeted." The engine developed in this way has strong applicability. For example, the low-speed load capacity of the mixer equipped with Sany engine will greatly exceed that of other similar products

"we have always been very low-key, working hard without publicity. This high-profile appearance of regional integration and interaction is also a factor that surprises many people." Hu Yuhong said that another important reason for his appearance at the BMW exhibition was "to tell you that we are going to start selling abroad". He explained that according to the plan, Sany engine will start to be sold abroad from 2015. This time, it is the export expectation of Sany power. The results of the appearance were also very satisfactory. When many customers came to visit, they all expressed great confidence in Sany engine

it is understood that Sany can use conventional industrial technology for low-cost and range manufacturing. The application of engines in the group has begun. For example, sy195/sy205 and excavators exported to Sany India use 100% of Sany engines. "Of course, we should first meet the needs within the group. In the future, we will also sell as host products." Hu Yuhong said that in the recent plan, 50% of the export share will be our goal. At the same time, we will actively expand our export business and realize the new development of Sany power

spare parts such as Sany oil cylinder and reducer are sought after by customers.

the ZTE oil cylinder booth in Sany exhibition area is eye-catching. The appearance of the paint is exquisite, the overall structure is reasonable, and the welds are even and full, which is more like handicrafts. At the exhibition, many customers came to ZTE's booth to consult and negotiate the oil cylinder business. Many of them were foreign customers who wanted to be the overseas agent of ZTE's oil cylinder. They said it was a pity that such a good oil cylinder was not sold abroad

during the exhibition, about 16million intentional orders were reached with three customer units, mainly excavator cylinders. Both parties agreed to conduct technical and business exchanges immediately after the exhibition, and send technical and business personnel to Loudi for investigation and exchange. One of the foreign customers gave a very high evaluation of ZTE oil cylinder, and immediately stated that they would increase their oil cylinder procurement business in China

Sany smart carry is the "sword" BMW exhibition of nine self-developed products, including Sany mobile terminal assembly, Sany wireless remote control system assembly, Sany i/o module assembly syio, Sany motion controller assembly SYMC, Sany LCD display assembly, Sany inclination sensor syts, Sany weighing display controller SWD, liquid level sensor, pressure sensor. The exquisite exhibits are displayed against the backdrop of simple and magnificent booths, attracting many users and industry elites. Sany intelligent adheres to the road of independent innovation, integrates the concepts of safety, efficiency, intelligence and humanity into product design and enterprise development, and constantly introduces various intelligent products to lead the intelligent technological innovation of construction machinery

Lilong hydraulic has emerged in the industry. After six years of sedimentation, it has attracted widespread attention in the industry, and has attracted the attention of peer benchmarks such as Rexroth and Kawasaki, which has proved the strength of Lilong

the reducer launched by SOTE transmission also attracted the attention of customers from Shandong, Zhejiang, Hunan and other parts of the country. When it was learned that SOTE transmission had the need to customize the reducer for customers, a Guangzhou customer made an order of 500000 yuan on the spot

this exhibition not only further expanded the international influence of Sany services (accessories), but also provided a favorable opportunity for Sany services (accessories) to expand the international market. At the exhibition, many overseas agents contributed valuable suggestions to the future development of Sany services (accessories), and many of them expressed great hope to become Sany overseas accessories agents

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