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Sany rotary drilling rig Shanghai Kunming High Speed Railway offers excellent works

Guide: at present, China's East-West high-speed railway, which has the longest route mileage, the largest influence range and the largest number of provinces, has entered the comprehensive construction stage. As one of the four vertical and four horizontal fast passenger passages in the national "medium and long term railway planning", Shanghai Kunming High Speed Railway starts from Shanghai in the East and ends in Kunming in the West. When it is designed

at present, the East-West high-speed railway with the longest route mileage, the largest influence range and the largest number of provinces in China - Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway has entered the stage of full-scale construction. As one of the "four vertical and four horizontal" fast passenger passages in the national medium and long term railway planning, Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway starts from Shanghai in the East and ends in Kunming in the west, with a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour, passing through six provincial capitals and municipalities directly under the central government, including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Changsha, Guiyang and Kunming. The total length of the line is 2066 kilometers, and the whole line is double track electrified railway, with a total investment of more than 300 billion yuan

with the climax of construction, the sharply amplified demand for engineering equipment has attracted a large number of mechanical products. In Jiangxi Province, where the Shanghai Kunming railway passes through, Sany rotary drilling rig has spared no efforts in national construction with high-quality performance and perfect services in important construction sections such as the reconstruction and expansion project of Shangrao railway station, Guixi construction site, Nanchang Bayi Bridge Approach project, Nanchang West Railway Station, and has contributed one excellent project after another to the pile foundation construction of the Shanghai Kunming railway

the manufacturer should participate in the corresponding control system and customize the construction scheme for 205 aluminum alloy window bracing for the equipment.

Shangrao railway station reconstruction and expansion project of Shanghai Kunming railway, as the intersection of the newly-built Shanghai Kunming railway and Hefei Fuzhou railway in Shangrao, is one of the key projects of Shangrao. At present, there are 11 Sany rotary drilling rigs in the pile foundation construction in this section, accounting for 70% of the total equipment

customer chenshilian has some experience in using percussion drill. Now he is upgrading the equipment and has undertaken the pile foundation construction task of the project. When customers choose and buy machines, experts from the Institute of engineering methods, such as Jing LiuJie and Chen Yazhen, go to the construction site to investigate the geological conditions on the spot, help customers analyze the drilling feasibility, and configure appropriate drilling rigs and drilling tools to ensure that new customers can successfully construct the first project

it is understood that the geological conditions of Shangrao railway station are arable soil, silty clay, fine sand layer, pebble layer, mudstone and sandstone layer, of which the pebble layer is 1 ~ 2 meters and the rock entry is 5 ~ 8 meters. The bearing capacity of rock stratum is 500 ~ 600kpa. The diameter of the construction pile is 1.25m and the depth is 20 ~ 25m, among which there is a possibility of hole collapse in the pebble and silty sand layer of 2 ~ 3M. Considering that the customer may encounter hard strata and large piles in the subsequent construction, the construction engineer recommends the customer to purchase sr280r drilling rig according to the geological conditions and customer needs. This equipment uses slurry wall drilling to effectively prevent hole collapse. It can well meet the construction requirements in terms of pressure and torque power. The configuration of machine lock rod is also suitable for the geological characteristics of shallow buried hard strata in Jiangxi region

in terms of construction, it is recommended to use shallow buried casing and mud retaining wall drilling. The upper soil layer to strongly weathered argillaceous sandstone can be drilled with a pick double bottom sand bucket, and the lower sandstone hard layer is alternately recycled by a spiral drill and a rock socketed pick sand bucket, so as to achieve the effect of rapid passage. After drilling and hole forming, pour piles in time

for the service provided when purchasing the machine, the customer chenshilian commented, "since it is the first time to use Sany rotary drilling rig, Sany's construction experts and marketing personnel have provided me with great convenience in model selection and construction methods, and I am very confident in the construction efficiency of Sany rotary drilling rig."

technical support construction efficiency increased by 30%-50%

in the cenganghe bridge in Shangrao section of Shanghai Kunming High Speed Railway undertaken by China Railway fifth Bureau, the equipment sr280r purchased by customer Zhan Jiqing bears the pile diameter φ 1.8m, 44m deep pile foundation construction task. Due to the inaccurate grasp of geological conditions by customers, the allocation of drill pipes and drilling tools is improper. In addition, the unreasonable operation of machine hands and other factors affect the construction efficiency

in view of the problem, the construction engineers put forward corresponding solutions. In terms of construction method, adopt φ 1.5m barrel drill φ 1.5 m spiral φ 1.8m barrel drill φ The construction method of 1.8m sand bucket staged drilling. The customer is recommended to replace the 508 machine lock rod and purchase it φ 1.5m pick (or cone) barrel drill φ 1.5m pick single head single screw drill and φ 1.8m barrel drill, correct the problematic drill bucket before the arrival of new drilling tools; In terms of operation, fully communicate with the manipulator, teach the relevant rock drilling methods and skills of the manipulator, use point pressurization to drill, and try to increase the pressurization and shorten the time of single pressurization under the condition of maintaining a certain speed, so as to obtain greater cutting force

"As the equipment is embedded in sandstone and limestone for more than 30 meters, other brands of rotary drilling rigs and percussion drills were previously constructed on this site, and they failed to leave the site due to drill pipe fracture and drill bit cracking. Through the on-site guidance of construction method experts, the drill bit angle, drill bit spacing, operation method, etc. have been improved, and the construction efficiency has been greatly improved. One pile per day is shortened from the original ten days, and the machine efficiency has been improved by 30%-5% for energy conservation and environmental protection It is the inevitable trend of recycled plastic granulator. The output value per day has increased by million. This is the third Sany rotary drill I bought. " Customer Zhan Jiqing said to

in addition to guiding the construction on site at the request of customers, Sany Construction Method Research Institute also organized construction method experts to visit the drilling rig at the Guixi construction site of Shanghai Kunming railway, the approach project of Nanchang Bayi Bridge, Nanchang West Railway Station and other construction sites, provide construction method support, solve problems for customers, and ensure the smooth progress of the project, which was highly praised by customers

set up a service office to ensure the whole process of construction

in the Shangrao railway station expansion project along the Shanghai Kunming railway, there are 11 Sany rotary drilling rigs, accounting for 70%. In order to provide customers with more timely and deeper services, Beijing Sany set up a service office in Shangrao in October 2010, with 4 service engineers, 1 service vehicle, and machine accessories. At the same time, it regularly arranges construction methods and after-sales engineers, Patrol the machine and interpret the "three fastest" after-sales service goals of the fastest arrival at the site, the fastest problem-solving and the fastest supply of accessories with high-quality service

"It's my first time to use the rotary drilling rig, and I don't know much about the equipment. From my purchase of machines and equipment, to the assembly of equipment during the first construction, the improvement of the drilling bucket to adapt to the formation, pile testing, the training of machine operators, and the maintenance of the machine, the engineers of Sany method, customer service and other departments have provided me with full service. The establishment of peripheral service offices can also solve the on-site construction problems in a more timely manner, which makes me More confidence to complete the task. " Customer Chen Shilian said

for users, buying a Sany product will get the full support of a complete after-sales service system. "Sany's service is fast and convenient because we regard customers as partners. Sany and customers are a consortium, which is a win-win relationship." Cheng Hua, deputy general manager of Sany Heavy Industry and general manager of Beijing Sany Heavy machinery marketing company, said

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