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Daily maintenance knowledge of precision grinding machine

1 After daily operation, clean the grinder with a brush. It is forbidden to directly blow the worktable or guide rail with an air gun to prevent iron filings from entering the guide rail and affecting the accuracy of the grinder

2. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to use a fan to blow against the workbench, so as to prevent dust and iron filings from being rolled back into the guide rail, which will affect the precision and feel of the guide rail

3. The grinding machine guide rail oil should be replaced and added in time. Generally, if the oil in the oil sight glass is muddy or black, it should be replaced once a month, the first three months, and the next six months

4. Please use professional lubricating oil for grinding machine guide rail, generally 32 × guide rail oil is appropriate

Some customers purchase a large amount

5 Regularly check whether the steel cable of the grinder workbench is loose and locked to prevent breakage or affect the hand feeling accuracy

6. Clean the guide rail of the workbench regularly to prevent iron filings from wearing the guide rail surface, which will affect the precision of the guide rail of the new model and new mechanism. Clean it with gasoline and wipe it with rags. Gently remove the sundries embedded in the wear-resistant sheet with a shovel. The above actions should be carried out under the guidance of professionals or ask the master of the grinder manufacturer to deal with 4 gas media used in Yucheng 3. The gas medium used in this system must be kept clean and branches must be established

7. Regularly check whether the fuselage is unstable and level during operation

8. If it is a manual grinder, regularly check the tightness of the wire rope

9 If it is a semi-automatic grinder, check the grinding fluid concentration every week and replace it in time

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