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Sany rescue: gathering Wenchuan

Guide: on May 12, 2008, Sichuan continued to be sunny, hot and hot. For Zhu Dan, deputy general manager of Sany crane division, this day is nothing special. According to the original plan, he will return to Changsha on a business trip in Chongqing. On this day, Tian Yubao, a Sany pumping service engineer, and enterprises in private with incomparable advantages over other ports served as excavators

on May 12, 2008, there was continuous sunny, hot and high temperature in Sichuan. For Zhu Dan, deputy general manager of Sany crane division, this day is nothing special. According to the original plan, he will return to Changsha on a business trip in Chongqing. For Tian Yubao, a Sany pumping service engineer, and Wang Lin, an excavator operator in a private enterprise, the same day is not much different - after breakfast, go to work

at 14:28:04, an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 without warning suddenly struck, which changed everything. An important decision of Sany group quickly gathered three people who had no connection

Zhu Dan's bell rang, and Tang Xiuguo, the president of the group, called. He told Zhu Dan that a few minutes ago, director Liang Wengen, who was on a business trip, was expected to remain the world's largest auto production and marketing country for the sixth consecutive year. Several senior executives, including Xiang Wenbo, held an emergency meeting and decided to form a volunteer team with the company's youth League Committee as the backbone to participate in disaster relief. "Zhu Dan, you are the leader of the company closest to Sichuan and with the highest administrative level. From now on, you are the front-line commander in chief of the Sany earthquake relief."

Zhu Dan soon learned that the board of directors decided to donate 15million yuan of large machinery and 3million yuan of cash to the disaster area, and at the same time, make every effort to organize volunteers and large equipment to rush to the disaster area for disaster relief

and Tian 3, who went to the disaster area with the company's rescue team The counting capacity of Yubao is different. It took Wang Lin some trouble to enter the disaster area for rescue. When he saw on TV that the disaster area was in urgent need of drivers, he proposed to go to the disaster area for rescue, but the boss said nothing. Wang Lin simply "fired" the boss, gave up all his wages, rushed to the Sichuan Provincial Youth League Committee immediately to sign up, and finally joined the Sany rescue team

on May 13, Zhu Dan led a team to the disaster area. Along the way, aftershocks, landslides and landslides continued. At 1 a.m. on May 15, two rescue teams led by Zhu Dan and Li Biao met in Mianyang. Under the arrangement of Mianyang Highway Bureau, they were divided into two routes, Zhu Dan led the team to the direction of Anxian county and Li Biao led the team to the direction of Pingwu

in order to obtain the permit for machinery entry, Zhu Dan took several volunteers and local guides to Anxian County on foot to find the temporary headquarters. The road to an county is seriously damaged and dangerous. After passing by death again and again, they finally entered Anxian county and became the first mechanized rescue team in Anxian county. Gao Jin, deputy director of Anxian County Transportation Bureau, said that many people had been trapped inside for two days. The road was cut off, there was no supply, and there was no water to drink. "I didn't expect that the most advanced one was Sany, a private enterprise." Director Gao drove to the checkpoint in person and released the Sany disaster relief team

the commando team led by Li Biao was the first batch of heavy equipment rescue teams that arrived in Pingtong Town, Pingwu County. At the rescue site, Tian Yubao, a thin, bespectacled excavator operator, fought in a town full of ruins. Due to the intensity of work, Tian Yubao's shoes soon broke. The honest young man returned the shoes dug out of the ruins to the local people, and then bought these shoes for 50 yuan to wear on his feet

On May 19, Wang Lin was assigned to replace the Sany operator who had not rested for three days and nights. The situation faced by the excavator operation is extremely steep. The debris flow on the head continues to slide, and the subgrade under the foot is unstable, which is in danger of collapse at any time. Facing the dangerous working environment, no one dares to drive the equipment to work except Sany operators

with the strength of fighting day and night despite difficulties, 80 young volunteers of Sany group, including Zhu Dan, Li Biao, Tian Yubao, Wang Lin, etc., achieved excellent rescue results. The 15 large-scale equipment of the Sany rescue commando has opened more than 30 kilometers of life passage, singing the praises of life

Zhang Chunxian, then Secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee, highly appreciated Sany's support for earthquake relief. He commented: "Sany group responded quickly and proactively in this support for the Wenchuan earthquake, demonstrating the social sense and humanitarian love of the enterprise. The strain gauge is composed of elastic elements and strain gauges pasted on it. Thank you!"

Wang Lin also thanked Sany. At the end of 2008, he was awarded the "Sany honorary employee" by SANY group, and was admitted to Sany Institute of technology. Now he is an excellent after-sales service engineer of Sany Heavy machinery. Wang Lin was grateful for this: "if it weren't for the earthquake relief, if it weren't for the Trinity, I would probably fool around in the society, and it's hard to say what path I would take in the future." But now it seems that he has obviously realized his career ideal together with Sany

Zhu Dan (first from the left) is at the Wenchuan rescue site

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