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The construction personnel of the main station building of Tianjin West Railway Station told that the installation of glass curtain wall (Figure)

the glass installation is roughly divided into three steps. Because each piece of glass is different in size, the time required to install it in place is also different. The shortest one may take 10 minutes, and the longest one, which is regarded as a successful gas source spring, takes about 30 minutes. Because there are only two tower cranes, it can be installed about blocks a day

with the arrival of glass specially made for the roof of Tianjin west railway station, the roof system officially began to hoist glass yesterday. In the air 50 meters away from the ground, more than 500 different workers - - the construction personnel of Jinan experimental machine factory who changed the experimental machine type with bolts, tied safety ropes and constructed at the same time with the help of tower cranes. The construction scene full of "spider people" looks very spectacular

high tech glass explosion-proof and thermal insulation

the chief commander of the West Railway Station Project of Beijing Construction Engineering Group introduced that the roof of Tianjin west railway station will be covered by full glass, which has strong permeability, and the sun can directly shine into the hall, reducing the use of lighting facilities. This form of roof has been used in the National Grand Theater project, which is very rare in the construction of railway station buildings. At the scene, you can see this kind of glass curtain wall from a close distance. The Engineer in charge of curtain wall design said, "these tempered hollow colored glazed glasses have been specially treated, which not only have very good transparency and landscape effect, but also prevent cracking, so as to ensure that the glass will still maintain its original shape under the action of wind, snow, self weight, earthquake and other loads. Even if it is impacted by external forces, it will not break immediately." In order to avoid direct sunlight in summer, the roof is treated with special colored glaze paint, so each piece of glass appears to have shallow horizontal stripes, which can effectively help block the strong light. In addition, the insulating glass itself has good thermal insulation, so that people can enjoy the natural light of profile delivery, without being affected by cold and warm

promote zoning operations from north to South

the Tianjin west railway station building project undertaken by the third construction company of Beijing Construction Engineering Group has entered the stage of interior and exterior decoration. The arched roof covers a total of 40000 square meters, and a total of 11856 hollow colored glazed tempered glass will be installed. Engineers and technicians told that the largest of these special glasses weighs more than 500 kilograms, and the smallest is almost 100 kilograms. Almost none of them is exactly the same. The construction area is divided into three areas from north to south. At present, the progress in the north area is the fastest, so the glass installation is promoted from north to south. In order to cooperate with the hoisting of glass, a total of two tower cranes have been put into construction in the northern work area. The project in the middle area will start later this month, and the south area will also start in February. At that time, a total of six tower cranes will work at the same time

you can't work if the wind force exceeds level 4.

looking at the leading feeling of Tianjin west railway station building is magnificent, especially seeing hundreds of people working in the air 50 meters above the ground at the same time is even more amazing. According to the engineering and technical personnel, at present, more than 500 construction personnel of various types of work work work on the roof in shifts. Each of them is tied with a safety rope and wears a helmet, which makes people easily associate with "Spider Man". They work on the roof for hours in turn every day, showing their "skills" in the air

at present, the construction personnel working on the roof come from all corners of the country, and migrant workers from Henan, Sichuan and Shandong gather together. These scaffolders, installers and welders work together to carry out flow operations. Now it is "March 9th", and the weather is getting colder and colder. AI Shifu, who is from Guizhou and is specially responsible for grinding and welding joints, said: "the temperature is low in winter, and high-altitude construction is very affected, especially on windy days, it is OK to stand on it when the wind is small. If the wind force exceeds level 4, you must not be able to work."

as of press release yesterday, the roof glass installation of Tianjin west railway station has completed more than 100 square meters. It is expected that 11856 pieces of glass on the roof will be installed in place by the end of March

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