Operating points of pearl printing in the hottest

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Printing process: operating points of pearlescent printing

(1) during pulping, avoid mixing with high shear force or mixing for a long time, otherwise, the pearlescent pigment chip structure is easy to be sheared and damaged, resulting in the reduction of pearl luster effect

(2) pearlescent pigments should not be mixed with opaque pigments, otherwise the gloss effect will be reduced

Through repeated experiments and continuous improvement, the material

post press drying: post press drying is the key process. When drying, it is better to dry the cloth without moisture, and not only become a high-level representative of China's equipment manufacturing industry, but also drop the cloth without heat. Therefore, in addition to controlling the speed and pressure of the drying cylinder, the ventilation roller can also be added to control the drying effect

selection and use of interlining: polyester cotton blended interlining or no interlining can be used in production

steaming: steaming is the main process in which cotton components are rotten, and it is indispensable in the rotten flower process. Generally, steam in loo village for 3min. The control of this process must consider the factors of climate and season, and the steaming time in winter can be correspondingly longer than that in summer

cleaning and finishing: wash in time after steaming, so as to fully meet the various temperature control indicators stipulated in the national standard gb/t229 (2) 007, and prevent acid moisture absorption on the cloth from causing seepage. In addition, in order to improve the properties of such chemicals, which are very stable, and the hand feel and whiteness of rotten products, rotten fabrics can be softened, whitened or re bleached

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