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Day 1 of the opening of the Industrial Expo: the general greeting of the star exhibitors of the automation Museum

is very touching at the moment! On September 15, the 22nd China International Industrial Expo (CIIF 2020), the first offline national industrial exhibition in the country after the epidemic, welcomed the grand opening day in clover

exhibition site

the theme of this China Industrial Expo is the new development of intelligent and interconnected enabling industries. The exhibition scale is 245000 square meters. A total of more than 2200 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. A total of 9 professional exhibitions were set up, covering the whole industrial chain of intelligent green manufacturing from basic materials and key parts of manufacturing industry to advanced manufacturing equipment and overall solutions, as well as technological innovation, product innovation The whole innovation chain of manufacturing industry from mode innovation to application of new scenarios

in the face of the impact of the rare epidemic and the global economic recession, what is the situation at this exhibition? As a matter of fact, the epidemic still has an impact on this industry event that a wire should be more than 150 cm from the ground. At least, some enterprises that participated in the exhibition almost every year in the past have disappeared this year for various reasons. However, as the organizer pointed out, the scheduled holding of this Industrial Expo is undoubtedly an exhibition that boosts confidence, an exhibition that dares to make breakthroughs, strives for innovation and change, and an exhibition that leads the future, An exhibition in which the industry leader deeply shines his sword

happily, although the organizers have taken measures such as real name, time sharing, peak staggering, appointment, flow restriction, etc. for the admission audience, and the weather is also poor, as in previous years, the bustling exhibition site has injected enough confidence support into the comprehensive recovery of the industry. Both exhibitors and visitors are extremely eager and attach importance to this industry event

as one of the most concerned professional exhibitions under the ICIF, the Industrial Automation Exhibition (IAS) this year continues to highlight the new trend of the future development of digital, networked and intelligent enabling manufacturing industry. Siemens, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, CC link association, Bosch Rexroth, FESTO, Delta, and baccalais gathered to accelerate the application of intelligent manufacturing solutions, Strive to paint a moving picture of industrial ecology for smart factories and digital transformation

in a word, on the first day of the opening of the exhibition, I will start from the automation Hall (Hall 5.1h and hall 6.1h) to help you check what first products or innovative achievements the star exhibitors have brought this year


Siemens digital enterprise makes industry further! The theme of this year's Industrial Expo was to show its end-to-end solutions through evaluation, consultation, integrated implementation and optimization services. The nearly 500 square meter booth covers 30 themes under digital enterprises, cutting-edge technologies and innovative products, as well as more than 100 hardware and software products. In addition, the latest digital products including SIMATIC Unified Smart panel and the new generation of industrial IOT smart switch SIMATIC iot2050 were also fully announced

Schneider Electric

an expert in digital transformation in the field of global energy management and automation, Schneider Electric made a grand appearance at this year's Industrial Expo with leading automation technology, energy management technology, software and services with the theme of green intelligent manufacturing and winning the digital future

from the three dimensions of industrial application, product innovation and technological innovation, Schneider Electric comprehensively demonstrates the achievements of green intelligent manufacturing in helping Chinese industry realize automation, informatization, digitization, networking and greening of production and operation. Among them, the new synchronous motion control solution composed of Modicon m262+lexium 28s was displayed on site for the first time. In addition, Schneider Electric edge computing tour truck also arrived at the site of the Industrial Expo

Mitsubishi Electric

in addition to the domestic debut of Melfa Assista, the newly released cooperative robot, Mitsubishi Electric also focuses on demonstrating E- F@ctory Through various intelligent manufacturing solution application tools, the audience can show their strong solution capabilities, so that they can understand Mitsubishi Electric's edge computing melipc, smart intelligent platform, vibration diagnosis application, NC tool life detection and other application kits on site. They can also watch the support customization e through the cloud live broadcast of TiC Center- F@ctory Demonstration production line and LCD e- F@ctory Check the overall running state of the line

Phoenix Contact

this year, with the theme of connecting the smart world and shaping the new future of digital industry, phoenix contact will show the industry the competitiveness of connecting the smart world in all aspects from smart devices, smart technologies, smart infrastructure, smart systems to smart solutions in the fields of new energy and smart electricity, smart electric vehicles, smart manufacturing and smart factories, smart logistics and smart cities. The high-performance controller AXC f 3152 of the plcnext product family launched by Phoenix Contact this year also appeared. This product integrates many future oriented technologies such as it and OT, and is an ideal platform for realizing new automation business


this Industrial Expo takes the new infrastructure of Internet, intelligence and empowerment as the main axis of the exhibition, presenting a beautiful picture of the new infrastructure accelerating intelligent production and creating a smart city from the three aspects of intelligent factory, intelligent building and infrastructure. This year, on the 240 square meter large booth, Delta will focus on displaying nearly 100 products and solutions developed by Delta under the trend of automation, digitization and intelligence. At the same time, it will provide immersive exhibition viewing experience for global customers through online virtual booths

Bosch Rexroth

as the world's leading supplier of transmission and control technology, Bosch Rexroth takes the future, taking advantage of the present as the theme, and brings the classic value stream and leading products of future factories to this Industrial Expo. The most eye-catching is that Bosch Rexroth restored the practical application scenarios of future factories at the exhibition site, so that visitors can experience the efficient production mode of intelligent interconnection. From the digital management of the workshop that connects the whole production value stream, the integration of flexible and open automation and it systems, to the automatic material supply that improves production efficiency, as well as the machine cooperation system and operation assistance that make human-computer interaction more efficient, they are intuitively presented to the audience. In addition, the automation innovation platform Ctrl x automation has also been officially launched in China

cc link association

in this Industrial Expo, CC link association will take CC link ie TSN to realize the connected industries interconnected industrial world as the theme, present the latest achievements of IE TSN, and take you through the display of products, technologies, applications and solutions to ride the wind and waves in the world of TSN and industrial interconnection. Among them, CC link association focused on the demo of the latest four ie TSNS, which are composed of Mitsubishi Electric's latest J5 series servo, e800 frequency converter, moxa's switch, Stapp's stepping motor controller, NSD's communication slip ring and Otis' IO link controller. The interconnection is realized through CC link ie TSN network


FESTO, the world's leading industrial automation and teaching and training enterprise, presented its latest industrial automation solutions at this Industrial Expo. FESTO brought the most popular innovative automation applications in semiconductor, new energy battery, life science and other industries to the exhibition site. In addition, the application of digital control terminal vtem in the actual projects of China's automotive, electronic and food markets, as well as the cool high-speed magic cube machine man-machine combat, simulated pneumatic cooperative manipulator Innovative automation products and solutions such as fully automatic piano performance have also become the focus of audience attention


with i-automation! With the theme of great evolution, Omron has brought the latest applications and technologies, making the audience feel the value creation concept of OMRON based on industrial automation i-automation! The present and future of manufacturing innovation


as a leading global provider in the field of electrical connection and automation, Weidmuller showed a series of high-performance industrial power solutions. In addition, an automated lottery machine demo on its booth attracted a lot of attention. Da Dao Zhi Jian, this small automatic lottery machine, simply and intuitively shows the process of IT integration ot, so that the audience can experience the current trend of it and ot integration

as one of the global leaders in electrical connection technology, Wanke has an extremely deep understanding of the connection and transmission of power, data and information through its accumulation over the years. Wago SCADA made its debut at the Wanke booth at this Industrial Expo to get close contact with you. Wago SCADA can present the data collected by IOT platform in the IOT cloud through configuration, which is flexible and beautiful, allowing users to understand the real-time operation status of equipment and production lines anytime and anywhere, and remotely monitor production information such as production flow charts


in this Industrial Expo, Beifu officially released the xplanar planar magnetic levitation conveying system. In addition, the Beifu booth also showed the application examples of 5g real-time communication technology. The production workshop of Kunshan Huaheng welding Co., Ltd. was connected on site to show 5g full scene smart logistics in real time


this exhibition yifumen showed a new intelligent sanitary fluid equipment, providing a complete set of vibration monitoring system solutions. In addition, yifumen also brought a number of exhibits such as equipment status monitoring system, RFID identification system, 3D vision sensor, fluid detection sensor, controller suitable for construction machinery, safe transmission monitoring products and intelligent logistics sample line


baccalais' exhibition theme this year focuses on Jane Easy automation aims to illustrate the advantages of baccalais' scheme from the perspectives of simple digital design of machines and production lines (modeling and Simulation Technology), simple programming (modular application development based on MAPP), simple debugging (virtual debugging technology), easy to operate HMI (man-machine interaction technology of mappview), simple maintenance (remote safety and remote maintenance technology), and convenient learning (Remote Laboratory), Show the technical panorama of baccalais from the perspective of users

leisai intelligent

at this exhibition, leisai intelligent L8 series high-end AC servo system and pmc600 series medium-sized PLC motion controller were released for the first time. In addition, leisai intelligent also showed the industry leisai EtherCAT bus servo stepping drive system and drive control integrated servo stepping system


this time, with the theme of intelligent control and safety and credibility, Hollysys brought five new products, including safety and credibility DCS, a new generation of multifunctional IO and communication solutions, intelligent DCS digital twin system, automatic nucleic acid extractor, safety and credibility control system, as well as four new solutions of intelligent factory, intelligent transportation, intelligent medical treatment and industrial information security, to the Industrial Expo

As a leading manufacturer of factory and process automation technology in the world, baomeng electronics brings the world-renowned full range of baomeng automation products and solutions to the audience at this exhibition, including ox200 series intelligent profile sensors with almost unlimited application fields, and eam580/360 series solid magnetic encoders that can be used for various high-precision positioning tasks, Cleverlevel PL20 intelligent level switch, known as the terminator of tuning fork technology, and LXT 10 Gigabit interface camera with higher sensitivity and image quality


in order to comply with the era of digital manufacturing, beijiafu and sensori

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