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Li Jian, who plays with "the voice of China", is afraid of the pig under the telegraph pole in Shijiazhuang! Laugh at SKR people

this year's "voice of China" has made the audience refreshing. Not only the rules of the program have changed greatly, but also the participation of two new tutors, Li Jian and Nicholas Tse, has added a lot of vitality to the program

teacher Li Jian, the comedian, is full of witty words. He and teacher Harlem are very lively. There are many fans in the program, and its style has surpassed Jay Chou, who has always been low-key. Jay Chou was the preferred teacher of many contestants in the program, but after some communication with Li Jian on stage, he rushed to Li Jian's embrace in an instant, which made Jay very sad

and since the launch of "the voice of China", Li Jian has always been popular in fancy. For example, Li Jian took off his clothes, Li Jiancheng said, and so on. Today, Li Jian went on the hot search again, and it was with the pig under the telegraph pole in Shijiazhuang

do you look confused and think this is a powerful operation? It turned out that in the new program, a student sang a song "Xintianyou" and successfully won the favor of Li Jian and Jay Chou with a very low threshold. When he learned that the contestant was from Shijiazhuang, Li Jian quickly narrowed the distance with the contestant. He said that he had been in Shijiazhuang for three months and had deep feelings for Shijiazhuang

excellent friends acted quickly and found a video of Li Jian's interview with Lu Yu. At that time, teacher Li Jian was still very green, with popular non mainstream long hair. Fortunately, teacher Li Jian was more refined in temperament, just like a graceful gentleman

after graduating from Tsinghua University, Li Jian once worked as a network engineer in the Ministry of radio, film and television for a period of time. The name of this job sounds high-end, but it is actually a front-line handyman. This includes three months of working in Shijiazhuang

in the video, Li Jian said that he had done everything, and the biggest thing he did was to connect every village. In order to make every family in the countryside can watch TV, he climbed a telegraph pole and installed a receiver

at that time, he said that there was a pigsty under the telegraph pole. He was particularly afraid of falling. The pig was too big and terrible. He felt that the pig ate even stones

Li Jian's fear of pigs is no joke. Even in an interview many years later, he can feel his fear from his words

it was because of the pigs in Shijiazhuang that Li Jian never forgot about Shijiazhuang every year! Li Jian often says to observe life more, because he is a man with a story


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