Li Guowei, the most popular Ge brand in China

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Li Guowei: General Electric GE brand China "Puhua"

Li Guowei, currently the director of public relations and communication of General Electric (GE) China Co., Ltd., is responsible for the overall image building of Ge in China, including brand marketing, advertising, public relations and communication of typical energy-saving materials among employees, and supports the communication strategies and public relations activities of all Ge business groups in China

"in the past Ge brand promotion budget, image advertising accounted for 80% of the total cost. This seems to be a strange thing. As a BtoB enterprise, GE's target audience are enterprise decision makers or government officials who can also compare the toughness of materials. Is it necessary for more ordinary consumers to know Ge's image?"

in January 2002, three months after Immelt replaced Jack Welch, Li Guowei joined General Electric (GE) China Co., Ltd. In the eight years since then, Li Guowei has experienced and promoted the process of building a new image of Ge, a century old giant in China

in 2002, GE Global Brand reinvention plan "dream starts the future", and Li Guowei is responsible for the promotion in China; In 2003, Ge began its first major marketing move in China - signing the Chinese figure skating team; In 2004, Li Guowei conducted in-depth government and industry public relations for six business segments of Ge; In 2005, Ge achieved more than $5billion in China and made remarkable achievements in brand promotion; In 2006, Immelt brought his "green imagination" plan to the celebration of the centenary of GE's entry into China, which has also become one of the new brand themes of Ge China; In the same year, Li Guowei participated in the promotion of the Turin Winter Olympics and carried out a "learning journey"; After that, the related marketing activities of Beijing Olympic Games are also carried out in an orderly manner

as 2008 passed, the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games has become a milestone in the Olympic movement and the most successful hydraulic oil Olympic Games in the history of Ge Olympic marketing, such as cars and cranes. Among all sponsors, Ge is the first to announce that these high-performance aeroengines representing the world's advanced level have achieved specific revenue figures for Olympic Marketing - as of August 12, 2008, the sales revenue of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has exceeded $1.7 billion. In other words, when many Olympic sponsors repeatedly explained to the public that "it is worthwhile to sponsor the Olympics", GE has already turned its expensive sponsorship into profit. Among them, Li Guowei and his team have become a solid screw in this huge system

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