Li Gui is 80% of the hottest nano paint market

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80% of the nano coating market is "Li Gui"

80% of the nano coating market is "Li Gui"

August 3, 2004

not long ago, at the "West China Sichuan first coating Festival", all different types and brands of coatings were highlighted. In particular, some new types of coatings, such as powder coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, fluorocarbon coatings, ceramic thermal insulation coatings, nano coatings and so on, all open the eyes of consumers

however, this is not the case in reality. Most of the "nano coatings" in the Chengdu paint market have no real name, and the publicity materials are far from the actual use effect

the traditional coating has hit the "nano" brand

a visit to some coating markets in Chengdu found that in the billboard of a building materials market in the north of the city, a "certain two new presses are used in the full-automatic production line of Volvo plate spring" brand coating is "hot sale", and it is specially noted that it is "nano coating"

"buy nano coatings? This is a high-tech product!" A saleswoman came forward with a leaflet in her hand and smiled. From her self-made leaflet, she found that the words "nano", "high technology", "green environmental protection" and so on were particularly eye-catching. According to her, the nano coatings they sell, with many nano materials, are absolutely "authentic" green products produced by high-tech means

however, when she was asked to show the test report on nano meter, the salesperson took out an inspection report of "water-soluble paint" printed by the manufacturer. Obviously, this is a "Li Gui" with the brand of "nano paint" in traditional paint

in the subsequent market survey, it was found that among the nine different types of coatings, there were seven similar situations, and the "Li Gui" of nano coatings accounted for nearly 80%! These dealers with the brand of "nano paint" either cannot produce the inspection report, or they engage in a "word game" on the word "nano", trying to confuse the use functions and characteristics of nano paint and traditional paint, so as to deceive consumers' trust

experts decrypt the extremely high content of nano coating technology

various traditional coating types and brands are everywhere in the coating market. Why are there so many "Li Gui" of nano coatings

Professor Fang Renchang of the Chinese Academy of engineering physics made a clear statement: nano coatings have a very high technical content and are truly green products for the upgrading of the coating industry

according to Professor Fang, nanometer is the smallest unit of measurement at present, and one nanometer is one billionth of a meter. Nanostructures usually refer to micro structures with a size of less than 100 nm. Its ultimate goal is to construct products with specific functions with atoms and molecules. China has listed nanotechnology as the national "863" high-tech plan, and it has been successfully applied to aviation, aerospace, coating, clothing, watercolor, rubber and plastic, medicine, semiconductor, chemical industry and other fields. Because the nano coating selects a variety of oxides such as silicon, titanium and zinc that are easy to produce photocatalysis, and the crystal form in which valence band electrons are easy to jump under the action of light, the synergy of various nano powders makes the coating products have stronger functions. Compared with the raw materials used in traditional latex paint, it has incomparable superfine and uniqueness, and its comprehensive performance and quality are much better than those of similar products

enterprises call for the early introduction of industry standards

nano coating, as the only global environmental protection coating at present, has attracted the attention of countries with large market space for the development of extruder industry in the world. For example, countries and regions such as Britain and Europe are vigorously developing, and some brands of nano coatings developed have successfully entered the Beijing market

in the nano coating industry in Sichuan, the domestic brand Guangzhou Xingguan chemical (Group) Co., Ltd. has invested a huge amount of money to successfully develop a series of multifunctional nano coating products. According to the authoritative appraisal of the expert group led by Professor Zhang Lide, China's chief nano scientist, organized by the Department of science and technology of Guangdong Province, the performance indicators of the company's nano coatings are at the international leading level. However, in the interview, the person in charge poured bitter water on the market. Because the relevant national departments in the nano coating industry have not yet formulated relevant standards, many counterfeiters are playing the "nano" brand and swaggering through the market, which not only seriously damaged the reputation of the nano coating industry, but also damaged the vital interests of consumers. He called for and promoted the transformation and upgrading of many industries, and called on the relevant national departments to strengthen market supervision and introduce nano coating industry standards as soon as possible, so that consumers can really use guaranteed green and environmentally friendly nano coatings

related data: characteristics of nano coatings:

1. It can produce negative ions and has health care effects on human body. Nano coatings can promote the production of negative ions in the air under the irradiation of fluorescent lamps, ultraviolet rays and sunlight. With the increase of time, the increase of negative ions will be more obvious, and no ozone will be produced while releasing negative ions

2. It can decompose and absorb harmful substances in the air, especially benzene and formaldehyde released by plates and TDI released by polyester paint

3. It has unique mold proof and sterilization functions. The coating has a unique anti mildew and sterilization effect. The product can effectively prevent the breeding of mold after storage and painting, and the number of mold and bacteria in the air can also be reduced by more than 90%

4. It has super self-cleaning function

5. It has super washing resistance. Its washability is 200 times higher than the national standard for qualified products and more than 90 times higher than that of first-class products, so it has quite strong washability

6. It has super artificial aging resistance, which can ensure that the powder will not be removed after use, and the paint film is intact, avoiding the trouble of frequent renovation

7. It has the functions of waterproof, heat insulation, infrared radiation and super heat insulation

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