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On October 22, the founding meeting of the lighting special committee of China Lighting Appliance Association and the Lighting Summit Forum were held in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province. The birth of the lighting branch association marks that the lighting industry is moving towards maturity, and the lighting market is rapidly dividing. Li dichu, President of rectangular group and chairman of kangmingsheng technology, was elected as the director of the lighting special committee of China Lighting Appliance Association

in addition, cubong group kangmingsheng (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. was selected as Lizhao 7 of China Lighting Appliance Association But after all, there were only 16 units as the director of the low temperature pre Ming special committee in phase 1, with crystal optoelectronics, ocean king, Jiawei Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Xiesheng lighting as the deputy director units

Chen Yansheng, chairman of China Lighting Appliance Association, said that Li lighting is an important branch of the lighting industry, which includes lighting products using solar energy and batteries. This is a broad market

Chen Yansheng said that in the field of lighting in the world, China has become a major producer of lighting and an exporter. Now there are many large-scale lighting enterprises in China. The establishment of the lighting special committee is to build a platform for everyone to exchange and communicate with each other, hoping to organize everyone and jointly promote the lighting industry, which often requires two groups of different chargers and wires to develop better. He said so

Li dichu, President of cubong group and chairman of kangmingsheng technology, called on lighting practitioners to focus, coordinate and open. He believes that the lighting market is a segment market in the whole lighting market. After years of development, it has a huge market foundation, but there are still problems in all aspects when returning to the competitive level

it is understood that when the lighting special committee was established this time, kangmingsheng technology of rectangular group took the lead and made a voice for the industry. As a leading enterprise in the lighting industry in the global aerated concrete performance test method gb/t11969 ~ 11975 (1) 997, kangmingsheng has been deeply involved in the lighting industry for more than ten years and has made great achievements in this field. It exports tens of millions of lighting products to Africa every year and provides a safe, economic, reliable and high-quality lighting life for tens of millions of people. (Zhu xianni)

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