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Li Haozhe, President of Doosan (China): the business environment of foreign-funded enterprises in China will be more perfect

Li Haozhe, President of Doosan (China): the business environment of foreign-funded enterprises in China will be more perfect

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recently, Li Haozhe, President of Doosan construction machinery company in China, South Korea, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua that the success of China's reform and opening up has promoted the development of the world economy, In the future, the business environment for foreign-funded enterprises in China will be more perfect

reform and opening up have brought earth shaking changes to China, and also brought great opportunities to foreign-funded enterprises. In Li Haozhe's view, Doosan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., which accounts for 50% of the world, is one of the successful models benefiting from China's reform and opening-up policy. Since entering China in 1994, the company has been supported by a number of preferential policies from factory construction to market development, and excellent human resources have also provided guarantee for the development of the company

"China's ability to become the world's second largest economy is inseparable from the success of the reform and opening-up policy. With the in-depth development of reform and opening-up, China's advantages in attracting foreign investment are becoming more and more obvious, and many foreign-funded enterprises have participated in China's economic construction." Li Haozhe said that reform and opening up not only promoted the development of China's economy, but also played a positive role in the development of the world economy

at present, China is further opening to the outside world and taking more firm steps to deepen reform. Li Haozhe believes that China's development of a higher-level open economic policy is a positive signal for foreign-funded enterprises in China, especially in the financial sector; Relaxing restrictions on foreign investment, expanding opening-up and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investment have made China's economy more globalized and the business environment of foreign-funded enterprises in China more perfect. In order to meet the requirements of the standards, it may be necessary to apply to automotive interior and exterior trim parts, motorcycle exterior trim parts, electrical appearance parts and so on several times

in 2017, China's total economic output exceeded 82 trillion, with a growth rate of 6.9%; In 2018, China's economic trend remains the focus of global attention. Li Haozhe said optimistically that China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage with high measurement accuracy. Through reform and opening up, China's economy has made leaps and bounds progress, and has also made gratifying achievements after turning to a high-quality development stage. Especially through the adjustment of industrial structure, industrial exploration and technological development will be further improved in the future

Li Haozhe also said that Doosan construction machinery company plans to continue to expand production and investment in China; In the future, China's Doosan construction machinery factory will become the company's global production base, and its products will be exported not only to emerging markets, but also to developed markets such as the United States and Europe

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