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Li Dongsheng, President of TCL Group: made in China is global manufacturing

"made in China" is also "global manufacturing". As a link in the global industrial chain, "made in China" reflects the division of labor, cooperation and mutually beneficial cooperation among enterprises all over the world, and is the result of the development of the world's manufacturing industry and international division of labor

now, products made in China have traveled all over the world, Every bit of daily life has become increasingly inseparable from made in China

Sarah pongioni, an American housewife on the other side of the Atlantic, has conducted a very interesting experiment since 2005: do not use products made in China for a year. Panglioni therefore encountered all kinds of troubles: the coffee machine broke down and did not buy a new one, because it was produced in other places too expensive; The juicer is broken and cannot be repaired, otherwise the blade made in China must be used; A husband who likes carpentry can no longer buy tools, because tools are made in China. Pongioni, who once worked, wrote and published this experience, which caused quite a sensation in the United States. She concluded that without "made in China", although Americans can still survive, they will have a lot of trouble and cost

the contribution made by China to the world economy is obvious to all. However, recently, the quality problem of made in China has aroused the attention and concern of the international community. As a member of Chinese entrepreneurs, I would like to share my views on this issue frankly

I believe that "made in China" is also "made in the world". As a link in the global industrial chain, "made in China" reflects the division of labor, cooperation and mutually beneficial cooperation among enterprises all over the world, and is the result of the development of world manufacturing industry and international division of labor

Globalization is the inevitable trend of world economic development, and no country can seek development in isolation. As the largest developing country in the world, China has rich skilled labor resources and the resource advantages of vast territory and abundant resources. It can produce all kinds of products ranging from 10000 ton oil tankers to leather shoes and shirts for all countries in the world. Positive MFR also has a certain impact on the properties of composites. For this reason, China has attracted investment from enterprises all over the world, developed trade exchanges with countries all over the world, and played the role of world factory in the manufacturing link, a link of the global industrial chain. According to statistics, a total of 390000 foreign-funded enterprises in mainland China are camping out because of the deformation caused by external force P. more than 400 of the world's top 500 have entered China. More than 58% of the products exported from China to the world are exported by foreign-funded enterprises in China. It is Chinese enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises in China that jointly create made in China

in this sense, made in China is made globally. Therefore, the quality of made in China is not only related to Chinese enterprises, but also related to the enterprises of various countries in the industrial chain. Relevant enterprises and institutions of various countries need to jointly shoulder the responsibility of global consumers; The image of made in China represents the international image of enterprises in various countries in the industrial chain; The future of made in China will not only affect the Chinese economy, but also have a far-reaching impact on the world economy

however, we regret to see that in the current field of international trade, various phenomena of transferring and exaggerating the quality problems made in China still exist to varying degrees, which leads to the misunderstanding of consumers in many countries about the quality of export products made in China. For example, a toy company in the United States announced several recalls of toys made in China last year, blaming Chinese manufacturers for their quality and safety. However, according to the research report released by Professor Babuji of the University of Manitoba in Canada and Professor bimish of the University of Ontario, 76% of the 550 recalls of American toy manufacturers since 1988 are caused by design problems of American toy manufacturers. European Commission consumer products expert Stefano solo also made it clear that American brand companies should be responsible for the safety of their products sold in the European market. Because although these toy products with potential safety hazards are produced in China, design defects are the root cause of these potential safety hazards

this incident is not an individual case. In fact, more than 50% of the products made in China are produced according to the requirements of foreign buyers and international standards. In the era of globalization with increasingly close division of labor and cooperation at the international level, made in China not only represents the production and manufacturing level of Chinese enterprises, but also represents the R & D and design level of enterprises all over the world. If we take a one-sided view of the quality problems made in China, blame the problems on Chinese enterprises, or exaggerate the quality problems made in China, it is not conducive to the final solution of the problem

in fact, I and my friends in the Chinese business community have always attached great importance to the quality and safety of export products. Tcl-1's combustion performance meets the requirements of GB 8624 (2) 012 B1 (b), directly regards quality as the lifeline of the enterprise, establishes a Six Sigma quality control system synchronized with the international to ensure the normal use of tensile testing, and abides by RoHS, ISO9001 and other international standards. In order to ensure that all quality standards of products are in line with international standards, TCL product certification laboratory has been recognized by international certification bodies such as the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. In my opinion, once there is a quality problem, it is not only a problem that may lose a batch of orders and do a few million yuan less business, but also a problem that an enterprise must be responsible for consumers, parents and children all over the world, as well as its own integrity and reputation. In fact, whether it's children's toys or consumer health food, the quality made in China is no inferior to that of other countries

there is an old Chinese saying: if you have something, change it, and if not, encourage it. Although many doubts about made in China are passed on and exaggerated, my friends in the Chinese business community and I will still listen with a very negative attitude. Chinese enterprises have never been profit seeking enterprises. In 2006, TCL encountered temporary difficulties in Europe. Although there are many ways of restructuring, and the cost of compensating employees by bankruptcy is lower, TCL did not adopt this way, but chose the transformation of its business model. Why? Because this disposal method is negative to society and beneficial to employees. We have provided extra reemployment consulting services for laid-off employees, and specially hired a consulting company to provide them with information, training and find a job again. Although these are not required by law, and we bear a lot of costs, we have maintained the brand of TCL and established a reputation for Chinese enterprises and China

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