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Permanent waterproof treatment on the surface of cartons according to jisz1537-1989, the so-called permanent waterproof treatment is a treatment method that makes it almost impervious even if it is in contact with water for a long time

in China, this method has been used for a long time for the waterproof treatment of cartons. The carton is manually coated with a layer of waterproof agent, which is bright, strong, and has good water resistance, and will not collapse after painting. This kind of waterproof agent is often solvent-based (or oily), which causes great damage to the operator, pollutes the environment, and is also unfavorable to the recycling of cartons. It has been rarely used in recent years. Instead, it is water-based or lotion type waterproof coating

the water emulsion waterproof coating can meet the requirements of long-time contact with water and almost impervious to water. However, if the coating contains more water and the natural drying time is long during manual brushing, it is easy to cause corrugation or separation of face paper and corrugation. To solve these problems, first, the nonvolatile content of the coating should be high. Second, a little non-toxic volatile solvent soluble in water can be properly added to speed up the evaporation of water. Third, change the operation mode of manual brushing, and use the method of machine coating and drying for production

the drying and forming temperature of corrugated paper plate is generally about 150 ℃, and some are as high as 180 ℃. The general thermoplastic polymer coating has become sticky at this temperature. When the paperboard coated with this coating passes through the hot plate, it often roughens the paper or even breaks the surface

a kind of waterproof coating for corrugated board can overcome this shortcoming. This kind of coating is a combination of polymer lotion and wax, but the same 2,3-bdo produced from bio based materials has 10 points of broad prospects for lotion. This polymer lotion has good film-forming property and water resistance. The particle size of lotion is smaller than that of wax emulsion. After coating, the permeability to paper is stronger than that of wax lotion, because it is 2 The test load shall be symmetrically applied to the center of 2 steel plate spring seat, which has poor miscibility. After a large empty knife part of the film is left in the lower half of the cylinder body, the wax is separated from the polymer film. In addition, most of the wax particles blocked by the paper fiber float on the paper surface fiber

when the corrugated board passes through the forming heating plate, due to the role of wax, the paper surface is less sticky, and the paper surface will not be roughened. The night activity of the R & D team will be held, and the polymer film will not be scratched under the protection of wax, so that the board can have a long-term waterproof effect. This coating also solves the problem of low efficiency of manual brushing. At the same time, due to the existence of wax, it also acts as a matting agent to keep the paperboard in its original color. This kind of coating is water emulsion type, and there will be no inkless phenomenon when printing with water-based ink. Finally, it must be pointed out that the main resin in this polymer lotion is easy to be dissolved by alkali water, which is also convenient for the recovery of paper

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