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Performance requirements for machine tool lubrication and machine tool lubricating oil

the lubrication of machine tools includes the lubrication of bearings, gears, guide rails and centers; Machine tool lubricating grease includes: hydraulic oil, hydraulic guide rail oil and lubricating oil (grease). Different machine tool types and working conditions have different requirements for the performance of lubricating oil:

I. bearing lubrication

1. Sliding bearing lubrication: sliding bearing is a common transmission mode, and the lubricating oil should not only play the role of lubrication, but also play the role of cooling. Therefore, it is necessary to use low viscosity lubricating oil with good lubrication performance, At the same time, it needs to have good anti-oxidation, anti-wear, anti rust and anti foam properties. For the precision sliding bearing used for the grindstone spindle of the precision grinder, because the bearing clearance is very small (1 micron) and the rotating speed is particularly high (above 30000r/min), the viscosity with very small viscosity and excellent anti-wear oil property is 2. Therefore, the user selects it according to the actual needs 0mm2 (40 ℃) lubricating oil

2. Lubrication of rolling bearings: rolling bearings are widely used on machine tools because of their small friction coefficient and quiet operation. When the inner diameter is 25mm and the speed is less than 30000r/min, they can be sealed with high-speed grease. When it exceeds 30000r/min, forced lubrication or spray lubrication shall be applied. It should be noted that except for large and rough rolling bearings, grease containing solid lubricant should not be used in general

II. Gear lubrication

the impact and vibration of the gear of the machine tool are small, and the load is small. Therefore, it is generally unnecessary to use lubricating oil containing extreme pressure, such as loose additives. Attention should be paid to how to prevent the thermal deformation of the main axle box. For the gears of stamping or shearing machine tools with large impact load, gear oil containing anti-wear agent should be used. Gear oil used for circulating lubrication or oil bath lubrication should not only consider oxidation resistance, but also consider corrosion resistance, wear resistance, rust resistance and foam resistance. Select the appropriate gear oil and viscosity according to the type of gear

III. at present, there is a lack of scientific and systematic publicity and introduction of aluminum alloy cable as a new thing in the market, and the lubrication of the guide rail

the load and speed of the guide rail vary greatly. Generally, the load of the guide rail surface is n/cm2. However, due to the frequent and repeated movement of the guide rail, it is easy to produce boundary lubrication, or even semi dry lubrication, leading to crawling. In addition, poor machine tool design and material lubrication are the main reasons for crawling. In order to overcome the creeping phenomenon, in addition to the fluorine resin guide rail veneer, the lubricating oil containing anti creeping agent is mainly used to improve the lubrication. The guide rail lubrication generally adopts the guide rail oil with viscosity of 32, 68, 100 and 150. The Spanish Eagle guide rail oil besluxluder series (32, 46, 68100, 150 and 220) meets the iso6743/4 standard and l-hg level

IV. the machine tool center is a special bearing. The load of the fixed center is not large, and now the high speed machine tools can be well guaranteed. The rotary center is mostly used, and the complex load is large. Therefore, sealed grease is used for lubrication

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