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Personnel adjustment of the board of directors of the American Coatings Association April 30, 2020 the American Coatings Association (ACA) recently announced that Michael H. McGarry, President and CEO of PPG, would serve as the chairman of the association, and Dan Calkins, President and CEO of benjaminmoore, would serve as the vice chairman and chief financial officer of the association. The two-year term of office has come into effect on April 1. During their tenure, they made strategic planning and decision-making on the organizational structure, operation, finance and other aspects of the association

michael H. mcgarry

mcgarry has been the chairman and CEO of PPG since 2016. Since joining PPG as an engineer in 1981, he has gradually taken up management positions, such as market development manager, operation manager, business manager, product manager, etc. responsible for different regions and business areas. In 2000, he served as the general manager of PPG fine chemicals business, and in 2004, he served as the vice president of chlor alkali and derivatives business. During this period, he mainly worked in the European headquarters, and in 2006, he served as the general manager of PPG Europe

2008, he returned to the United States as senior vice president of bulk chemicals. He served as executive vice president in 2012, COO in 2014 and President and coo in 2015. In addition, MCG is facing severe energy and environmental challenges. Arry is also a member of the board of directors of American steel group and a former director of Exxon. McGarry is a native of New Orleans, USA. He graduated from the University of Texas in mechanical engineering and completed his advanced management studies at Harvard Business School

dan calkins

calkins has been the president and CEO of benjaminmoore since 2019. He has worked in the company for 32 years and has presided over many important positions. Responsible for production operation, sales, market development, legal affairs, information technology and other open-loop control system businesses. He is also a director of alpha studios, a nonprofit organization

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