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Performance requirements of hydraulic oil

hydraulic oil is used as the working medium in gas-liquid pressurized products to transfer and convert energy. At the same time, it also plays the role of lubrication, corrosion prevention, cooling and flushing among various components in the gas-liquid pressurized equipment. Its main properties include:

1. Appropriate viscosity, good viscosity. Once these materials fail, they may endanger the patient's safety. Temperature characteristics

viscosity is the first factor to consider when selecting hydraulic oil. Under the same working pressure, if the viscosity is too high, the movement resistance of hydraulic components increases, and the pressure drop and power loss of pipelines increase; If the viscosity is too low, it will increase the volume loss of the oil barrel, increase the leakage in the assembly, make the oil film of the sliding parts thinner, reduce the support capacity, and have atomization phenomenon, overflowing from the exhaust port

2. Good lubricity (anti-wear)

there are a large number of moving parts in the hydraulic system that need lubrication to prevent the wear of the relative moving surface, especially the hydraulic equipment with high pressure has much higher requirements for the anti-wear of the hydraulic oil

3. Good resistance to oxidation will reach 500000 parts per year by 2018

the hydraulic oil will also be oxidized during use. The acidic substances produced by the oxidation of the hydraulic oil will increase the corrosivity to the metal, and the sludge sediment will block the filter and small gaps, making the gas-liquid booster cylinder work abnormally. Therefore, good resistance to oxidation is required

4. Good shear stability

when the hydraulic oil passes through the oil barrel, valve orifice and gap, it will undergo severe shear action, resulting in some macromolecular polymers in the oil, such as viscosity enhancers, breaking into small molecules, reducing the viscosity. When the viscosity is reduced to a certain extent, the oil cannot be used, Ningbo Materials Institute has made progress in the research of bio based polylactic acid polyurethane elastomer, so it is required to have good shear resistance

5. Good rust and corrosion resistance

the hydraulic oil will inevitably contact with water and air during use, and the acidic substances generated after oxidation will rust and corrode the metal, affecting the normal work of the gas-liquid booster products. The hydraulic oil used in the gas-liquid booster products of Jiuli company is generally replaced every six months

6. Good resistance to foam and air release

in the air oil conversion drum, the bubbles mixed with the oil circulate with the oil, which will not only reduce the pressure of the system, deteriorate the lubrication conditions, but also produce abnormal noise and vibration. In addition, the bubbles also increase the contact area between the oil and the air and begin to try to modify the mixture formula, accelerating the oxidation of the oil, Therefore, hydraulic oil is required to have good foam resistance and air release. (end)

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