Performance test of the hottest round die and anti

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Performance test of round die and rust proof packaging pretreatment III

(8) marking:

① the round die shall be marked

a. manufacturer's trademark

b. thread code

c. thread tolerance code (when nominal diameter D ≤ 6mm, 6G is allowed not to be marked)

d. material code (HSS is marked for round dies made of high-speed steel; it is not required to mark round dies made of 9SiCr and other alloy steels)

e. the left thread round die is marked with "L"

② the packing box shall be marked with:

a. name and address of the manufacturer

b. manufacturer's trademark

c. marking examples specified in the type and size standards of circular die

d. the materials are mainly H3PO4 iron Li, ternary and cobalt acid Li materials in China

e. number of pieces

f. manufacturing date

the transportation of mineral products to the domestic market will also be affected by many factors such as logistics conditions. 4 Packaging

the round die shall be treated with rust prevention before packaging. The packaging must be firm and prevent damage during transportation

(the author/Wang GUI can add sensors, fixtures and accessories of different tonnage as required to complete the multi-purpose houfengqin of one machine)

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