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Personalized design of crystal glass mosaics

by 1986, 40000 tons of decoration had been achieved. The mosaics are the best at changing. Their small size, changeable specifications and rich colors can be matched at will. For crystal glass mosaics, they can play the most incisive role, and they can be mixed with other types of mosaics, such as magic (Pearl) glass mosaics, Venus line glass mosaics Cloud glass mosaic, etc. It is precisely because it has too many combinations, so they can meet their own styles and personalities and all their favorite ideas according to the creativity of the designers, so that the satisfaction in their hearts can arise spontaneously

specifications and sizes of crystal glass mosaics:

crystal glass mosaics can be made in any specification. The commonly used specifications are 20*20mm, 25*25mm, 50*50mm, 100*100mm, etc. now according to Mr. Bakker's introduction, the market needs another 10*10mm. This small specification is mainly used to spell murals and various patterns. It is exquisite, thorough, and colorful. It is naturally embedded on the wall or in the pool, adding an artistic atmosphere. In addition, there are round, rhombic, and long waist lines used to make walls. In addition, its thickness is generally 4mm, but now it can be produced in 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm thickness according to the needs of users. Commonly used specifications 25*25*4mm was popular for home decoration last year, and 20*20*4mm has been popular since this year. In contrast, 20*20mm is more exquisite, compact and beautiful. Of course, 20*20*4mm is selected when the price is the same

stereoscopic space of crystal glass mosaic:

crystal glass mosaic is used to increase the visual space and stereoscopic sense. With its unique transparent and clear glass characteristics and artistic treatment, it is unique among other mosaics. Round edge and straight edge, smooth surface and frosted are matched according to the degree of need by using color changes, giving people a visual enjoyment. For example, the gradient popular in decoration last year is a natural combination of the same color series on the wall from bottom to top, from deep to light, giving people an open imagination. Of course, gradients stress nature. The so-called gradients are gradual natural changes. If they don't change well, they give people a messy feeling of color mixing

color mixing effect of crystal glass mosaic:

color mixing effect is popular again this year. Of course, it is not the kind of random mixing. Color mixing is to locate the main color of the mixed color according to the main color and style of the whole room or the surrounding environment, and then add two or three (there are also four, too many will be chaotic). Other colors are increasingly used in daily necessities, vehicles, aerospace Construction Engineering and other fields. For example, for the mixed pastes with green as the main color, you can make 50% of the two light colors green, then configure 30% of the dark green, plus 20% of the lemon yellow as decorations, and you will have a pleasant visual feeling. If you try to reverse or average the proportion, you will have a disordered visual effect

demand selection of crystal glass mosaic:

Europe and America abroad have completely different requirements for color and lustre. Just like the South and north of China, regional differences, customs and new fashions will be different, but the treatment of artistic effects should be the same, so in addition to selecting their own favorite colors, we should consider the impact of the main environment on them, size, specification and thickness, The color matching should be well designed. In addition, attention should be paid to the production quality and level of the manufacturer. Because some of the crystal glass mosaics are made entirely by hand

attention to the decoration of crystal glass mosaic:

because crystal glass mosaic is different from other mosaics, it should reflect its exquisite crystal effect. When paving, it is very different from other mosaics, which are also very expensive. The main thing is that the gap between the particles of the mosaic must be concave, so that each mosaic will protrude slightly. Due to the refraction of light on the crystal glass mosaic, The effect is incomparable to other mosaics

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