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Performance testing, packaging and transportation of fasteners

1 Overview

standard fasteners include bolts, screws, studs, nuts, machine screws, self tapping screws, washers, pins, rivets and retaining rings, with an annual profit of RMB 200million. It is a basic part widely used in all aspects, and its function is to connect and fasten. The connection form can be divided into detachable connection (connected by threaded fasteners such as bolts and nuts) and permanent connection (connected by rivets)

2. Type and specification

(1) bolt:

① hexagon head bolt: Specification d=m5 ~ M36, l=8 ~ 300mm

② half round head square neck bolt: Specification d=m6 ~ M16, l=30 ~ 160mm

③ high strength large hexagon bolt: Specification d=m12 ~ M24, l=35 ~ 240mm

(2) stud: double head stud and equal length double head stud: Specification d=m5 ~ M42, l=16 ~ 300mm

(3) machine screw: Specification d=m2 ~ M10, l=3 ~ 100mm

(4) nut:

① hexagon nut: Specification d=m25 ~ M48

② high strength large hexagon nut: Specification =m12 ~ M42

(5) self tapping screw: Specification d=m2.5 ~ M6, l=6 ~ 40mm

(6) washer:

① flat washer: Specification d=2 ~ 30

② spring washer: Specification d=2 ~ 48

(7) cylindrical pin:

① cylindrical pin and conical pin: Specification d=1 ~ 30, l=4 ~ 140mm

② cotter pin: Specification d=1 ~ 2, l=6 ~ 200mm

(8) rivet: Specification d=1.6 ~ 8, l=3 ~ 50mm

(9) retaining ring:

① taper pin locking retaining ring, screw locking retaining ring, specification d=8 ~ 30

② elastic retainer ring for hole and bearing: Specification d=3 ~ 75

3. Inspection standard

the acceptance inspection of standard fasteners shall be in accordance with GB90 fastener acceptance inspection, marking and packaging, Sn inspection procedures for export fasteners and corresponding product standards and technical conditions. The mechanical properties of threaded fasteners shall comply with GB3098. Surface defects shall comply with gb5779. Product quality shall be graded according to jb/jq1301

4. Inspection items and methods

the inspection items of standard fasteners are divided into three parts, namely, size, mechanical properties and surface defects. The specific inspection items of each part have different regulations according to different products. For example, the dimension inspection items for hexagon nuts are specified as thread through gauge, thread stop gauge, thread small diameter, opposite edge width, diagonal dimension, nut height, and the perpendicularity of the nut bearing surface and the thread axis; The flat washer is specified as inner diameter, outer diameter, thickness, coaxiality of outer circle to inner hole, flatness, etc. Mechanical property inspection items: hardness and tensile strength are specified for hexagon nuts; For flat washers, only hardness is specified

inspection method: the inspection method of standard fasteners is specified in the technical conditions of the product. Professional standards for fastener test methods (dimension and geometric accuracy) are formulated

5. The main production plants and the places of origin of the products exported to countries and regions such as northeast China, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and Tianjin, and the production plants such as Shenyang standard parts factory; It is mainly exported to Europe, America and Africa

6. Packaging, storage and transportation

the packaging of standard fasteners shall be in accordance with the provisions of GB fastener acceptance inspection marks and packaging. Generally, cartons shall be loaded first, and then cartons or wooden cases. Export products can also be packaged according to the requirements of foreign investors

7. Ordering precautions

the product name and standard number shall be indicated when ordering. For products with mechanical performance grade, the performance grade shall be marked

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