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Wall emulsion paint is a necessary material for household decoration, and its quality directly affects the health of consumers. There are many wall emulsion paints on the market, and the prices vary greatly

Market: the price difference between different grades is threeorfour times

wall emulsion paint is an essential material in household decoration, and its quality directly affects the health of consumers. There are many kinds of wall emulsion paint on the market, and the prices vary greatly. The prices of emulsion paint of the same brand and the same capacity differ threeorfour times because of different grades

the reporter found this problem in some decorative material cities on the South Bank of the river: for the same brand and the same capacity of wall emulsion paint, the ordinary barrel is more than 100 yuan, the middle-grade barrel is more than 200 yuan, and the barrel marked with formaldehyde resistant green paint is nearly 500 yuan. A staff member told reporters: generally, decorators usually buy ordinary and medium-grade latex paint, and only owners or owners with decorators will buy high-end ones. The staff member also pointed to the large barrels of wall emulsion paint placed on the ground and said: 200 ~ 500 yuan a barrel of famous brand wall emulsion paint can only be painted 60 ~ 70 square meters (twice), adding more water can be painted nearly 100 square meters. The quality of the ordinary brand wall emulsion paint with a barrel is more than 130 yuan, and the effect of painting will not be much worse

tricky: use low-end products but offer high-end prices

Mr. Zhong, a decoration master who has been engaged in decoration for more than ten years, said that the price of wall emulsion paint is the most difficult to say clearly, and it is also a kind of decoration material that can "fish in troubled waters" in the decoration quotation. The price of good wall emulsion paint is several times higher than that of ordinary wall emulsion paint, but they are painted in the same color on the wall. Only after a long time can we tell whether it is good or bad. If the price difference of wall emulsion paint is only double, or add more water, it is difficult to see the difference at all. The same brand has different prices of wall emulsion paint. The decoration master only said the quotation of a brand of emulsion paint, but did not say clearly what grade of emulsion paint it is. It is often settled with the owner according to the highest price of the brand. When buying, buy the cheapest one to use, or buy a barrel of the best one, and then put the cheapest emulsion paint into it for mixing. Some decorators even poured the wall emulsion paint of barrels into the famous brand wall emulsion paint barrels, pretending to be famous brand emulsion paint to deceive the owners

according to the relevant person in charge of the municipal decoration industry association, some decoration companies or construction teams have something fishy that the owners do not know when using latex paint. Fishy one: add water. According to the normal construction requirements, each liter of emulsion paint should be mixed with 10% - 15% water, and in the actual construction, water should often be added to about 50%. Fishy two: reduce materials. Generally, the quotation of wall painting contractor and materials of decoration companies is 30 yuan per square meter, but the actual amount of paint is often only 30% of the standard amount. Fishy three: steal work. In order to ensure the effect, the painting of professional construction should be two coats of finish paint and one coat of primer, while the construction party only paints one coat of primer and one coat of finish paint

reminder: recognize the commodity packaging logo and shelf life

the relevant person in charge of the municipal decoration industry association reminded the public to recognize the commodity packaging logo and shelf life when purchasing wall emulsion paint. The qualified commodity identification should have commodity grade, production unit, executive standard, ex factory date, shelf life, storage instructions, packaging specifications, etc. Paint should be selected according to the place of use. For wet areas such as kitchens and toilets, waterproof, mildew proof and easy to wash coatings should be selected. For other walls, paint with good decorative effect, fine coating, not easy to pulverize and certain scrub resistance should be selected. We should also pay attention to the difference between latex paint and water-soluble paint. Since the production cost of emulsion paint is much higher than that of water-soluble paint, the so-called emulsion paint with a particularly low price on the market is likely to be counterfeit water-soluble paint, which is easy to cause poor water resistance, powder loss and falling off of the coating after use. Read the construction instructions carefully to see whether it is necessary to use the matching primer. If necessary, try to choose matching goods of the same brand. Pay more attention to the construction operation process and check whether the brand is consistent with the budget statement

during construction, pay attention to the amount of paint used. According to the requirements of standard construction procedures, the thickness of primer is 30 microns, and the construction area of 5 liters of primer is generally 65 ~ 70 square meters; The recommended thickness of finish coat is 60 ~ 70 microns, and the construction area of 5 liters of finish coat is generally 30 ~ 35 square meters

the person in charge also suggested that professional construction personnel should be selected after selecting high-quality products. In the process of coating construction, there will be great differences between professional and non professional construction results. Although this difference can not be seen immediately, it will seriously affect the decoration quality in the future

related links: the purchase of latex paint depends on smelling, rubbing and touching

(1) look. Check whether the emulsion paint has sedimentation and caking. After a period of time, the surface of authentic emulsion paint will form a thick, elastic oxide film, which is not easy to crack; The inferior products will only form a thin film, which is fragile and has a pungent smell

(2) smell. Smell whether the latex paint has odor and pungent smell. The truly environmental friendly and high-quality latex paint should be water-based. Now many brands of latex paint have developed low odor products without adding essence

(3) wipe. A little latex paint can be brushed onto the test wall. After the coating is dry, it can be scrubbed with a wet rag. Scrubbing the real latex paint for oneortwo times will not have a significant impact on the coating. The low-grade water-soluble coating will be powdered, exposed, faded and other phenomena will occur after only wiping it for a dozen times

(4) touch. Mix the emulsion paint with a wooden stick, and then pick it up with a wooden stick. When the high-quality emulsion paint flows down, it will form a fan. Then touch with your fingers, and the authentic latex paint feels smooth and delicate




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