Why does the decoration Q & a wallpaper bubble

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Inadequate treatment of the base course

inadequate treatment of the base course refers to the failure to brush the base film before pasting the wallpaper, or the uneven brushing of the base film, or the coating area is too large, and the thickness is not enough, resulting in the failure to form a film, etc., that is, the foundation for pasting the wallpaper is not well laid

small editor's advice: before pasting wallpaper, you must not neglect to brush the base film because it is easy to paint. When brushing the base film, you must brush it correctly, the thickness must be in place, and you must paste wallpaper after the base film is dry

gluing problem

when pasting paper-based wallpapers, there is no gluing or the time for gluing is not enough

small editing trick: paper-based Wallpapers should be glued and then put on the wall. Generally, PVC wallpaper should take about 5 minutes, and pure paper wallpaper should take about 8 minutes. The specific gluing time should also consider the weather, wall conditions and other factors

gluing problem

excessive force when using the scraper, scraping off part of the glue on the back of the wallpaper, or uneven gluing, etc.

small knitting tips: pay attention to uniform force when using the scraper. For the concave convex pattern wallpaper, use the way of gluing the wallpaper to ensure uniform coating

the base course is uneven

the wall surface has floating dust, depression and other conditions, and the wall surface is not treated evenly, resulting in the existence of air between the wallpaper and the wall surface and foaming

small knitting tips: the wall surface is uneven, and it should be leveled before pasting the wallpaper. If the cracks are small, it can be treated with the base film, etc

Wallpapers encounter water as soon as construction is completed

Wallpapers encounter water as soon as construction is completed, which is very easy to make Wallpapers bubble

small editor's trick: conduct a moisture test on the wall before construction, and pay attention to the use of water during construction to avoid accidental soaking

to sum up, the main reason for the blistering after the wallpaper is pasted is that the construction is not in place, especially the treatment of the neglected wallpaper base. When using the wallpaper, we must pay attention to the construction specifications, and never ignore the treatment of details in order to save time and effort

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