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Casaro series stone tiles have delicate texture, rich color sense, realistic three-dimensional sense, warm and moist sense of penetration, with great aesthetics and connotation of design, interpreting different classic international style spaces

living in a complex and changeable world has been annoying. Through the deconstruction and reorganization of indoor space, we can meet our yearning and pursuit for a leisurely life, let us find a balance in the troubled real life, and create a relaxing freehand space

in response to people's desire for space to return to nature, the requirements for space comfort continue to improve. Casara, the God of Europe, came into being at the right time. Casara's name comes from the Italian "casara", which means "home of Humanities". It is built by the international R & D team composed of high-end designers from all over the world, benchmarking Italy's top ceramic tile products, using international original designs and world-class materials to present consumers with world-class quality living space

the floor tiles are white house beige skc20490m

Casaro includes four series: Carmo modern international style, CASS simple international style, Casco classic international style and Cato natural international style, creating a high-end home environment of different styles. Among them, the classic international style card series was grandly released at the 20th anniversary celebration of osheno. Once it was released, it attracted the attention of the industry and consumers with its unique process technology and artistic charm. Kako has different design styles, whether it is naturally noble neoclassicism, elegant Chinese style, fashionable and simple modern style, light and luxurious Nordic style, personalized industrial style, Kako can easily control, deduce a classic international space, inherit from generation to generation, and never go out of style

the wall tiles are made of Venice grey scm115de

to grasp the overall home style effect, we should pay attention to the reasonable collocation of various elements of the home. Furniture, wallpaper, lamps and lanterns, floor tiles, color matching, etc. play a key role in creating the overall space effect. Today we will talk about ceramic tiles. There are many kinds of colors, shapes, patterns and materials of ceramic tiles, and the atmosphere created by different ceramic tiles is different. If you want to make a home more fashionable, you can work hard on the matching of tiles

floor tiles adopt Kako accessories skc001ph1 & Skc002ph2

simple geometric figures, whether simple black-and-white lines or the splicing of color blocks, can be transformed into infinity as long as they are arranged and combined at will. Any space can instantly improve its texture as long as it is equipped with geometric patterns! Different geometric patterns and various prints are combined, but there is no slightest confusion and complexity. There is no doubt about the sense of hierarchy and change. Whether it's Chinese style or simple style, geometry can be handled calmly to create a unique home style

the floor tile adopts Sofia rice skc20290m

the modern simple style is mainly white, rice, gray and Brown: the spotless white creates a pure, elegant and relaxed feeling without losing jumping; Gray highlights the sense of sophistication, presenting a space full of texture, simplicity and personality; In the black-and-white gray space, you can choose implicit and elegant urban fashionable Beige floor tiles to create a refreshing, pleasant, noble and warm atmosphere! The overall space is fashionable and simple, elegant and warm and comfortable, which makes the space get rid of monotony and show a simple and fashionable sense of space

floor tiles are designed with French wood grain skc20160120m

and are always reshaped in constant breaking. The minimalist design concept in northern Europe represents a new generation of people who pursue simplicity and comfort. In style, the clean wood color is used to express the natural comfort and purity, and the high-grade Beige compartment is used to interpret the unique "low purity aesthetics" of the new generation of young people

the wall is pasted with gray long lattice bricks and matched with white sanitary ware, which makes the gray white contrast more clean and tidy. Although this unique bathtub goes beyond the traditional style, it does not conflict with the overall indoor style at all. The simple color matching of floor tiles and wall tiles has been throughout. In fact, this style is an inherent characteristic of minimalism, which greatly improves its integration with modern families

floor tiles adopt skb003120240s-1 landscape white

return to nature, and have a quiet space to enjoy in the noisy city, which has become a popular trend for home building. Casaro series stone tiles have delicate texture, rich color sense, realistic three-dimensional sense, warm and moist sense of penetration, with great aesthetics and connotation of design, interpreting different classic international style spaces. We are committed to creating a relaxed, pleasant, simple but not simple home space for modern urban people, presenting a better quality of life





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