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Warm congratulations on the successful completion of the 2018 xinmingpin home team expansion activities

origin | preparation

spring is a good time for all things to recover and

outdoor outing.

in order to enhance the spirit of teamwork,

strengthen the cohesion of all departments,

xinmingpin home has carried out the

Huizhou Hangzhou ancient road hiking expansion activities,

full commitment and full participation

charming ancient road at first sight


verdant everywhere

leaning against mountains and rivers,

white walls and black tiles,

verdant wind,

cornices and corners, Huizhou charm

everyone has been fascinated

start the ice breaking team

since we chose to go far away, we just took care of the storm

everyone was divided into four groups by the coach

put on a poncho, take a cane,

carry a bag, and we set out

help each other on the way

the rain wet the shoes,

but did not stop the pace of progress

sweat soaked clothes,

but never quenched the enthusiasm of the team

slippery steps, we climb step by step

muddy soil slope, we walk step by step

conquered mountains in laughter

bonfire party | post station

the mountain forest after the rain is mysterious,

the quiet mountains appear more ethereal

the mountain wind is blowing, blowing bursts of cool

flowing water brings joy

Spend the night in the mountain forest and perch in front of the waterfall

laughter wakes up the deep night in the mountain forest

the raging bonfire is adding a warmth to the mountain

we ran happily, sang loudly,

hugged each other and jumped heartily

enjoy our beauty in the night sky

if you have to find a few words to describe the bonfire party of

xinmingpin people

it is ― ―

open! Enchanting! Coquettish

drawstring writing | teamworking

woke up in the morning with the sound of waterfalls,

full of vitality to meet new challenges,

all teams work together,

challenge the difficult drawstring writing game

we work together for our goals,

we experience difficulties and persevere together,

we share success and joy together

in the new day, let's start again hand in hand

climb the peak again | blue sky concave

set out against the rising sun,

follow the winding mountain path paved with stones,

climb up the stairs and shuttle under the lush trees,

enjoy the touch of the warm spring breeze,

hear the gentle chirping of birds,

see a bright and colorful world

we walked and stopped, chatting and laughing,

regardless of the waist and legs, sweating,

finally all the staff reached the highest point - blue sky concave

xinmingpin people left their firm footprints in the mountains of the Huizhou Hangzhou ancient road

happy return | return journey

from Anhui to Zhejiang, from the rain to the sun,

across the 23 kilometer mountain road,

the partners of xinmingpin household

have crossed one difficulty after another,

hundreds of consecutive mountain steps,

the single log bridge on the rushing water,

have gone through rugged roads,

finally, in the sunny day,

successfully concluded this trip

the expansion is over,

and the team spirit of xinmingpin continues,

partners, come on




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